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Bibz Eats

I just want to share my food with the world. I personally don’t have a favourite type of food, but I love food that confuses me. Food that challenges my taste buds.

A (predominantly) Johor Bahru based food blog (I guess more towards Gelang Patah and Nusajaya side), but looking for new things to try everyday.

Currently just getting content up, but hopefully I want to write more lifestyle related topics in the future.

I would say I’m a pretty harsh critic. Ratings wise, anything below 5 is someplace where I wouldn’t voluntarily ever go again. 6 and 7 are places where I enjoy eating from time to time, 8 would be what I consider pretty darn delicious, 9 would be Michelin Standard or equivalent tasting and 10 would be ideally only ever given to one restaurant in my lifetime.

Photos taken with the Huawei P20 Pro, please do at least pop me a message if you would like to use a photo.

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