Food Blog | KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch Review (Malaysia)

Food Blog | KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch Review (Malaysia)

KFC are having a new promotion now, and it is for their brand new Spicy Gochujang Crunch! Being a really big fan of KFC (my favourite fast food restaurant), I decided to head over there to try this new promotion.

KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch Malaysia Promotion

What it Is

Just for context, I’m a big fan of KFC chickens in Malaysia whereby they change the spices involved in making the chicken. I liked the Sawadee Crunch promotion that they had previously, absolutely delicious. But I’m not really a fan of when they make it like the Spicy Gochujang Crunch.

What it basically is, is 2 (or 3, depending on which you choose) pieces of their original or spicy chicken wings with a tub of ‘Gochujang’ sauce coming in what you those sauces you get with McDonalds chicken nuggets.

Thrown in there is a Tropicana drink, with sides of mashed potato and coleslaw.

KFC Spicy Gochujang Crunch

What I Thought of It

Meh. The sauce is kind of just a sweet and slightly spicy mayonaise. I thought that it probably wasn’t worth the hike in the price. After all, it does seem really gimmicky. But what I WILL admit, is that the presentation is very nice. This KFC box is very Korean style. Just for the WOW factor, I give it some style points.

The drink tastes pretty articifial, even for a tropicana drink and I personally think the price is a bit much considering its fast food nature. It goes for around RM 20 (give or take depending where you are having your KFC.

Star Rating

5.5/10. I almost want to say don’t bother with trying it at all, but I think I need to give it SOME credit. I would say at best, this is one of those things that you should try once, and just once, for the novelty of it.

Just because it is kind of suddenly out of the cheap budget range. But I just realised I didn’t take it with the sauce, so big whoops from me (sincere apologies for that), but just imagine some mayo on top of the chicken (which is orange), and you get the picture.