Food Blog | 7 Grapes Puteri Harbour

Hidden underneath the bright and glitzy Puteri Harbour is a cozy little restaurant in 7 Grapes. Although narrow in size, 7 Grapes offers a very wide menu which will definitely leave you wanting to taste other items on your menu (sorry for the pun).

Is This Place Halal?

No, 7 Grapes is a non-halal restaurant. It offers an extensive wine menu, there IS pork on the menu.

7 Grapes Puteri Harbour Pasta

Where it Is

Even as someone from the area, it is really easy to miss. This is because it is very narrow and in between 2 pretty big shop lots. It is on the LG floor (with the long row of shops, no Starbucks on this floor), and next to Jay’s Grill (unmissable Korean restaurant) and a tobacco/cigarette store.

Address: LG-07 Harbour, Johor Bahru, Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor

Puteri Harbour Restaurant

What it Costs

Just PRO TIP: This place is on Fave, so if you plan on coming back here, you can actually get a 5% cash back using the app. In addition, there are a couple of deals that you can use, like I got a deal with 2 salads, 2 mains and 2 drinks (Sprite/Coke) for RM48, but PRO PRO tip would be to check the timing they offer the deals.

This trip, I had an ala-carte meal with my girlfriend. What we basically had was a flat bread (basically a smaller version of a pizza), a chorizo pasta and a dessert in their apple crumble. A meal like that (no drinks - free warm water) comes up to RM71.15 (I used a discount code to give me 10% off on top of the 5% cashback, so you guys can do the maths).

Individually, RM20 for the flatbread, RM29 for the pasta and what I’ll say is that whilst definitely on the pricy side, I think the value for money is just about considering okay considering what you’re getting for the price. Apple crumble was RM13, and whilst a bit small, I think overall we were satisfied with the price of the meal.

How it Tastes

Great! We had a really pleasant meal. The chorizo pasta worked really well together with these thin sticks of cheese. Was thoroughly enjoyable, whilst the flatbread was interesting in the sense that it wasn’t like your ordinary pizza. Admittedly, a bit small, but worth trying if you’re at the restaurant.

The dessert in particular was interesting in that most apple crumbles I’ve had aren’t really like this one. The ice cream tastes homemade (and that’s my definition of a really TASTY ice cream!), and the apple delicious.

Apple Crumble 7 Grapes Puteri Harbour Dessert

This Place is Suitable For …

Family (Maybe not so much, not too many kid options unless you’re having the pizza. Bit pricey for big families as well)
Friends (Only on special occasions would be what I personally think)
Solo (Nope. Not that kind of place, I reckon)
Colleagues (Probably only if you are entertaining an important client)
Little Kids (See above)
Dating (Pretty much what I see it as being the most suitable for)

Star Rating

7/10. Probably somewhere between 6.5 or 7, but I gave it a 7 because I had an enjoyable meal. Maybe wish some things were a little bit bigger, but the taste in the dishes is definitely there for all to see. Service was good and will definitely be back to claim my Fave deal.