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Gelang Patah is an area renowned for their Nasi Kukus, and now it has a new competitor in Nasi Kukus Solo. Although, it isn’t actually IN Gelang Patah, but in Medini instead. It takes elevates a more traditional dish and turns it into something almost hipster cafe worthy.

Medini Nasi Kukus

Medini Nasi Kukus

Is it Halal?

I’m not actually sure. What I WILL tell you, is that they claim no pork no lard, but apart from that, I think they haven’t actually gotten their halal certificate yet.

Nasi Kukus Solo

Where it Is

Right now, it is a very barren area of shoplots. It’s in a new area, near Edible Park, or maybe I would say the big landmark in the area is probably Medini Mall (a bit further out). What I’ll say is, I can’t really describe where it is, you’re just going to have to put into the GPS the address below.

Address: No.8 block K2 pusat perdagangan ION Medini, 2, Jalan Medini Sentral 5, Bandar Medini Iskandar, 79250 Nusajaya

Opening Hours: I’m not too sure, but Google currently says 8am to 6pm everyday, except a Sunday rest day, whilst it is pending a change to 10am to 10pm, with it being closed on Sundays. What I’ll say is that it’s safest to go at lunchtimes right now. I personally went there for a quick lunch.

Nasi Kukus Solo Gelang Patah

What it Costs

This isn’t a budget meal. They have their signature Nasi Kukus Solo Fried chicken going at RM 13.90, a chicken kerutub (a chicken with a kerutub - some mixture of spices) at RM 13.90, a beef kerutub at RM 15.90, and a fried chicken + beef kerutub nasi kukus (so you can try everything on their menu) coming at RM 17.90.

What you get for the signature nasi kukus would be rice, a piece of fried chicken, acar, salted egg, and a bowl of their curry or Nasi Kukus sauce, personally not 100% sure what it is actually called.

But I have to admit that they spend a lot of attention to detail. Even the way they serve the nasi kukus is pretty well done in a nice tray. The artwork around, as well as the interior design is pretty neat.

Nasi Kukus Solo with Fried Chicken

How it Tastes

I DID say that this isn’t what you have for your budget meal. But what I WILL add is that it isn’t meant to be one. It doesn’t taste like a budget nasi kukus. The curry isn’t too spicy but goes really well with the rice. I almost finished the rice with the curry alone before remembering there was a piece of fried chicken in my meal - a testament to how good that sauce is.

The chicken is well cooked, salted egg tastes…. well, like salted egg, and their acar makes the meal complete. Overall, I have to admit that I really enjoyed my meal.

This Place is Suitable For…

Everyone, really. Maybe not if you eat with someone a bit more concerned about their wallets, as you’re paying around 15-20 (if you consider drinks) on Nasi Kukus. I would say that their signature nasi kukus would be suitable for kids even, you can ask them to remove the chilli (really spicy) and the curry. That being said, I actually think their curry is in that territory where you could tell your kids, “Hey, it isn’t that spicy, it is actually quite sweet, so I think you can try it”.

Mark of a delicious meal. One of my favourite Nasi Kukus in the area.

Mark of a delicious meal. One of my favourite Nasi Kukus in the area.

Star Rating

7/10. A good meal, and I can’t find too many ways to improve on a plate of nasi kukus. Maybe I would have liked it a bit more if it was a bit cheaper, but it serves good food and offers a really nice environment, so I don’t have much to complain about. Kind of has a mini Madam Kwan (famous restaurant in KL) feel to it, if you ask me.