Food Blog | Gerai Makan Botak Curry Mee, Kluang

Food Blog | Gerai Makan Botak Curry Mee, Kluang

A product of a recipe passing down the generations, Botak Curry Mee in Kluang actually has two stalls currently, being run by two siblings. It marries two beautiful ingredients in their curry soup with your choice of noodles, making for a must have meal when you’re in Kluang.

Is this place halal?

No, Gerai Makan Botak Curry Mee, Kluang is unfortunately non-halal. It serves noodles with a serving of pork slices.

Where it Is

I’m not actually which one is the original, but there are two. One is in a hawker-esque environment, with a stall at the corner, whilst the other one is a whole stall in itself, fully decorated in empty liquor bottles and the actual original owner cooking.

Personally, the tastes are similar, and that is probably because they are meant to be using the same recipe as a baseline. If I were to really to choose which one to go to, I would probably go to the hawker-esque one, simply because you can order a delicious bowl of cendol or a fruit sago mix, just to let that curry go down (Shangri-La cendol - just go down that same row of hawker shops till the end on the right).

Address of the Hawker Style: 摩达咖哩面, Jalan Panggung, Kampung Masjid Lama, 86000 Kluang, Johor
Address of Restaurant: 摩达咖喱面, 49,Bawah jalan paya 1/3, Kampung Paya, 86000 Kluang, Johor

The hawker style one opens from 7am till 5pm daily, closed on Thursdays, whilst the restaurant one opens from 7am till 2.30pm daily (no closing day)

What it Costs

It is pretty darn cheap. A bowl of curry mee goes for RM5 (if I’m not mistaken). It is cheap considering you get the noodles, their great sambal and they even give you green chilli padi to go with your wantan mee if you would like.

Maybe you could eat 2 bowls if you’re a little bit hungrier, but it is definitely worth it. The drinks stall from the hawker one comes at an absolute steal! You can get barley for a measly RM1! RM1! Can pretty much drink it like water right there.

Botak Curry Mee, Kluang

Botak Curry Mee, Kluang

How it tastes

Like a good bowl of noodles should. Delicious. Their curry mee has a more gravy kind of texture rather than a soup-ish texture, which in my personal opinion makes it much more rich and tasty. It goes really well with the sambal, but do take caution with that sambal, because that thing can get pretty spicy if your tolerance isn’t the best.

Their wantan mee is also pretty darn good. The flavour is there, and the noodles are cooked really, really well. And I’m saying that as someone who can be REALLY picky with my wantan mee. They serve both dry and wet curry noodles, so you can be sure to try both of them there.

They pretty mcuh have your entire assortment of noodles, yellow noodles, kwey teow… so just get your favourite noodles.

Gerai Makan Botak Wantan Mee

This Place is Suitable For…

This is one of those places where I’ll say is pretty much for everyone to enjoy. Not only is it cheap and good, but it is one of those local flavours that you really want to check out if you happen to be in Kluang. Maybe little kids have less choice, as their specialty is curry mee, but their wantan mee is absolutely delicious as well, so I can’t even rule it out for kids.

Gerai Makan Botak Curry Mee, Kluang

Star Rating

8/10. Don’t give out too many 8 star ratings, but I think this place deserves it. Good, local food at a humble price. Do be sure to check them out. The original owner, if you happen to see him at the original shop is really cute as well. Really still making amazing noodles at his age, and I’m sure that he’ll be proud to see how far his restaurant has come.