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Tacos, quasadillas, nachos, alcohol. All things that you kind of associate with Mexican food, and Lucha Loco provides just that, with a fantastic environment to match. Its collection of food and drinks make it a trip that you will remember for a long while.

I actually went over to Lucha Loco in light of me and my girlfriend’s 3rd anniversary after some googling. We haven’t really had too many experiences like this one, and I thought it would be a nice precursor to eating more food in the night ahead (dessert, supper, just because this is a day trip from Johor)

Lucha Loco Duxton Hill Bar

Is this Place Halal?

That’s a firm NO. Alcohol, pork, don’t eat here, don’t drink here if you’re looking for halal food because this is the WRONG place.

Anniversary at Lucha Loco Singapore

Where it Is

It is located nearby to Clarke Quay (I would say 15-20 minute walking distance), but more specifically it is nearer to the Outram Park MRT (easily the best stop for you), I drove, so there is a public parking right beside the area where it is located. Really easy to park around here, make sure you either enter the public parking with your ERP card or have those parking coupons ready.

Address: Lucha Loco, 15 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089598

It opens at 5pm and usually carries on into the night till 1am (2am on Fridays nights), with the exception of Saturday (opens 6pm) and Sunday (not open).

Not Very Nachos, Quasadilla and Tacoes at Lucha Loco Duxton Hill

Not Very Nachos, Quasadilla and Tacoes at Lucha Loco Duxton Hill

PRO TIP: If you’re coming here for food, I highly recommend getting a reservation here. It gets pretty full, and you’ll sit by the barside (which is not that bad considering you’re entertained by the bartender), but if you want a bit more space you should reserve for a seat).

Tacos from Lucha Loco Duxton Hill, Singapore

Tacos from Lucha Loco Duxton Hill, Singapore

What it Costs

What I’ll say is, you’re finding kind of bistro type of prices here. From experience of living in Singapore, for the quality of food and what you’re getting in terms of quantity, it is pretty darn worth it. Me and my girlfriend probably had around SGD 45 worth of food, but we were FULL. We had 3 orders of food in their taco, quasadills (both meat options) and their Not Very Nachos, and I have to say this is easily enough for 2 people (actually too much, you can see via the photo how big the Not Very Nachos is).

Drinks are around SGD 15, and I think its fine considering it is your usual Margarita et al.

Quasadilla at Lucha Loco was our fave!

Quasadilla at Lucha Loco was our fave!

How it Tastes

It tastes like really good Mexican food! The onions and the chicken went really well with the taco, the nachoes are HUGE and taste delicious together with the meat and cheeses, but I think the favourite of my girlfriend was the quasadilla, which was on point with their sauce and filling. Think there was some kind of guacamole, and I think overall it was a really nice meal.

Tacos: Basically Taco, Onion, Chicken, some dressing
Quasadilla: Sauce over the top, quasadilla wrapping, meat, vegetables
Nachos: A big bowl of nachos topped with cheese, meat, guacamole and some additional vegetables.

Tastes really clean to the point that I would say if you want something healthy, this would be a good option if you aren’t drinking the alcohol.

This Place is Suitable For …

Family (Maybe not so much, but lots of great dishes to share. Don’t think there’s the space for it though)
Friends (Group of 4 is what I think this place is aiming for. Drinks, food, perfect for friends to come)
Solo (Maybe just for a drink by the bar)
Colleagues (Only if you’re close, this place is probably a mix of casual + delicious food)
Little Kids (Maybe just for food, nachos, etc. The food is suitable for kids, think they will love it, and it is healthy)
Dating (Maybe not the BEST dating experience, but what I’ll say is that it is a good NEW dating experience, which I think makes it a good option)

Star Rating

8/10. Good food, good service, I couldn’t really ask for much more. Prices are reasonable and the food is just too good for me to give it any lower. One of my favourite places since I started my blog, and my girlfriend enjoyed it too, which gives it plus points. Would definitely recommend going there (and I didn’t even try too much of their alcohol, consider that!)