Food Blog | PekoPeko Cafe Medini Poke Bowls

Food Blog | PekoPeko Cafe Medini Poke Bowls

Looking for a poke bowl near Nusajaya or in the Gelang Patah area? Look no further than the new PekoPeko Cafe for your salmon craving fix! Opened earlier in 2018, it offers a beautiful enrivonment to enjoy a fantastic poke bowl.

Exterior of PekoPeko Cafe Medini

Exterior of PekoPeko Cafe Medini

Is it Halal?

I tried looking around, but I can’t really find anything specific regarding this. What I THINK is, that it is at the very least no pork, no lard. Not sure whether it is strictly halal or not though.

PekoPeko Cafe

Where It Is

Honestly, it is pretty hard to find, but what you want to do is perhaps look at the building opposite from Gleneagles Medini Hospital, and go in. What I’ll say is to just follow the signs. They have great directions as to how to get there, and voila.

No real landmarks, except you have to follow a few stairs and go under a waterfall.

Address: Level G, Afiniti Wellness, No.3, Jalan Medini Utara 1, Medini Iskandar Johor Bahru


Opening Hours: 8am - 5:30pm on Weekdays (Not open for dinner)

What it Costs

For poke bowls, depending on your protein, you have slightly different prices. The salmon poke bowl goes for RM16.90, the chicken goes for RM14.90, and the set (which adds a passionfruit drink to the meal) goes for RM19.90.

What you’re getting for a bowl would be your protein, your choice of rice or noodle (sorry, I can’t quite remember the options), choice of sauce (I chose a spicy sauce), 3 sides (I personally went for edamame, sweet potato and eggs, and the lovely staff there added an extra topping because I accidentally thought I could choose more initially. XD To top it off, you have a choice of nut (I believe I went with walnut)

What I’ll say is that the price is decent for a Poke bowl! Really worth considering how nutritious it is.

PekoPeko Cafe Poke Bowl (Complimentary water as well, service is good!)

PekoPeko Cafe Poke Bowl (Complimentary water as well, service is good!)

How it Tastes

That being said, I WISH it had the salmon as a sashimi style rather than a poached (?) style. I don’t know, for me, it kinda means that it might not be as fresh as it could be, given that they can’t serve it fresh. If I were to compare with The Fish Bowl (1Utama), I would say The Fish Bowl wins by a country mile, but given where it is, and all the circumstances, I would say it is a really good new option for your lunch/brunches.

Overall, it is tasty, don’t get me wrong. Personally love edamame in my poke bowls, and I would definitely recommend having that as one of your choices whenever you have poke bowls pretty much anywhere!

Suitable For…

Most people! Really healthy, really nice environment. Kids would love having this kind of thing while eating healthy, adults in general will just love the overall balance of the meal. On the pricier side to be able to have it as a daily kind of meal, but definitely AT LEAST worth a try if you’re in the area and craving for a poke bowl.

Star Rating

6.5/10. Thought about this rating for a while. Definitely thinking about rating it a bit higher, but I think the salmon and the comparison to fish bowl probably brought it down a bit. But it is stilll a nice place with free wi-fi, good food and a really nice ambience. Would definitely recommend to try.