Food Blog | Yus Be Chicken Chop Gelang Patah

One of the biggest value for money places that I personally know, Yus Be is my favourite chicken chop in Gelang Patah, coming at a very budget-esque price!

Yus Be Gelang Patah

Is it Halal?

Yes, Yus Be is a halal restaurant, and is in fact a Malay style chicken chop that you can find in Gelang Patah.

Where it Is

Hidden behind a few rows of shops (the same row as Tea Garden, Heng Park Hawker, etc.), you can find this busy little restaurant with loads of customers!

Address: Yus Be Chicken Chop, Taman Nusantara, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor


Opening Hours:

5pm - 2am Everyday except Sunday (5pm-12am) and Tueday (Rest day)

What it Costs

Honestly speaking, it doesn’t cost much at all. You can customize it to your liking, whether you want mash potatoes, french fries or what not. Basically, RM7 will get you either your basic chicken chop or your fish and chips, I personally like to go for the chicken + fish combination at RM8.50 (this is only mash potatoes) and throw in a cheap teh o ice at RM1.20, and you have a fantastic deal!

The portion is SUFFICIENT. It is sufficient. Don’t think it is small or anything. My girlfiend can barely finish one portion (which sometimes doesn’t say much, but you get the general idea). I eat quite a bit and I’m satisfied with the chicken + fish combo.

Yus Be Chicken Chop Gelang Patah

How it Tastes

Really good! It has a splendid black pepper sauce, and I would say the chicken and fish are coated and fried off really well, so it definitely goes well together. Has that kind of Malay style that you can taste when you eat the chicken, but I would say it also tries to put in some of those more traditional Western flavours in chicken chop.

I go back there pretty regularly, and it is ALWAYS really busy!

Suitable For…

Everyone! Really, it is chicken chop. I’m pretty sure most people are fine with me just saying that, and they do it well and at a very budget price! So I would say it is suitable for most, if not everybody.

Yus Be Fish & Chips Gelang Patah

Star Rating

7/10. This one is really hard, because I would say differently if it were for everyday eating (higher) or like whether I would recommend someone to go try (slightly lower), but I think 7/10 is a good balance. The flavours are good, and it is cheap. It is pretty much the best chicken chop that I know of in Gelang Patah by a country mile as well, so there’s that.