Food Blog | 滷肉飯 (Braised Pork Rice/Lu Rou Fan) in Gelang Patah

Food Blog | 滷肉飯 (Braised Pork Rice/Lu Rou Fan) in Gelang Patah

滷肉飯 or Braised Meat/Pork Rice or Lu Rou Fan is a dish made famous by Taiwan, and is a popular dish in Malaysia. Today I share 2 places where you can get your daily fix of braised pork rice in the town of Gelang Patah.

Note: I will be updating this as I find new stalls of braised meat rice in Gelang Patah, so bookmark it if you’re a fan of this!

1) GP 88 滷肉飯 Stall

At RM8, Lu Rou Fan (sorry for using interchangeably) can be found at GP 88, and is found on most days (sorry, I can’t find any details about opening hours). I have it because it is quite near to where I live at the moment, and is really fast and convenient.

This isn’t actually 滷肉飯, but rather more specifically, it is a 滷鴨飯 (braised duck rice/lu ya fan). It has that tenderness that you would associate with a nice braised pork rice, and has a nice sauce to boot. The soup is kinda what you expect from this kind of dish, that dark soup, garnished with spring onions.

Here are some images below:

Address: Restaurant GP 88, 81550, 1-27, Jalan Medan Nusa Perintis 7, Taman Nusa Perintis 2, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor

2) Heng Park Restaurant Gelang Patah

This one is a much newer stall, given I haven’t actually seen it around since almost a few weeks ago. Strictly speaking, this is not your tender 滷肉飯 that melts in your mouth. This is a twist on the dish, as they instead use pork belly to make Lu Rou Fan.

The soup I would say is not rich, and I almost prefer to have those that really melt in your mouth, so I wasn’t as satisfied with this one, per se. But nonetheless, some might like the more crunchy feeling coupled with the rich sauce that you can find here. I can’t quite remember the price, but if I’m not mistaken, it is RM7 or RM8.

It is one of the inner stalls, beside the stall selling mixed rice and the steamboat soup with rice.

Some Images of this braised pork belly rice below:

Address: Heng Park Restaurant, Taman Nusantara, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor

Always looking for new 滷肉飯/Braised Pork Rice/Lu Rou Fan, so do feel free to recommend if there are any that you think I missed out!