Food Blog | Macau Kopitiam Batu Pahat

A breakfast that you really just want to get out of bed for, the famous Macau burger will leave you wanting more! Personally I love coming to this kopitiam for breakfast!

Is this Place Halal?

No, this place is a non-halal place, it serves pork in a large number of dishes, but has other dishes like your plain old toast and half boiled eggs.

Macau Kopitiam (澳門茶餐室) Macau Star Pork Roti (Bun)

Macau Kopitiam (澳門茶餐室) Macau Star Pork Roti (Bun)

Where is It?

It is the same row as Han Kee Bakery (the place that sells Otak-Otak burger), just a few blocks down the road. It is also opposite a RHB shop lot and down the road from Burger King, if you’re looking for more landmarks.

Address: Macau Kopitiam (澳門茶餐室), 72, Jalan Jelawat, Taman Banang, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor


What it Costs

I’m not going to lie to you and say this is a cheap breakfast place, because this is NOT a cheap breakfast place. The burger pictured in my blog post is what I consider to be pretty small, but it comes up to a whopping RM7.90. Other things in the menu are kind of overpriced for what you’re getting as well, but the pork burger with egg (Macau Star Pork Roti) is the most expensive thing on the menu on the breakfast side.

As I mentioned before, they have an assortment of different types of toasts, burgers with otak otak and even a burger with a chicken patty.

A little bit small, but the Macau Star Pork Roti makes it up in its taste

A little bit small, but the Macau Star Pork Roti makes it up in its taste

How it Tastes

At the end of the day, this is the selling point. It tastes pretty darn delicious. I can’t help myself but go there to eat, and although it is pricier than Han Kee, a trip to Macau Kopitiam, for me, is much nicer than a trip to Han Kee, because quite simply, it has both the Otak-otak burger than Han Kee is known for, as well as their amazing pork roti.

The toasts and all that are alright, but I mean you can get the other stuff elsewhere. I reckon what you SHOULD try here would be either something otak-otak or definitely either their Macau Star Pork Roti (with egg, choice of spicy/not spicy) or the Macau Pork Roti (no egg, if I’m not mistaken). But I personally appreciate the egg, because it almost has a very Japanese taste to it (maybe it is my tastebuds, but take my words for it).

This Place is Suitable For …

This is a breakfast for all ages, and for all people including colleagues and friends. The only one that maybe I wouldn’t be so happy to bring would be someone tighter with their wallet, because as I mentioned before, this is the type of place where someone will whinge about the price if they are less willing to part with a few ringgit for breakfast.

Star Rating

7.5/10. Personally, I love this place. I would really give it a higher rating if it were a little bit cheaper, and maybe also if there was more than one dish that really blew me away, but I think 7.5 is fair for how I’ve been scoring other places recently. I personally think this is definitely worth AT LEAST a try. I go back almost everytime I’m back in Batu Pahat!