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My girlfriend is a pretty big fan of Dim Sum for breakfast, so I guess trust her when she says that this is what she thinks is the best Dim Sum in Johor Bahru. It serves all your usual Dim Sum favourites and comes at a pretty reasonable price.

Chang Man Dim Sum Bukit Indah

Chang Man Dim Sum Bukit Indah

Is it Halal?

Sorry, Chang Man Dim Sum is not halal, as it serves numerous pork dishes. I guess it is kind of to be expected at a Dim Sum place.

Where it Is

Chang Man, or 常满点心楼, is located in Nusa Bestari (or basically Bukit Indah but on the outer edges of Bukit Indah). The landmarks you want to look for would be the big Giant Supermarket (or the Tesco directly opposite). You want to turn into that area with Giant and go towards the row of shops on the RIGHT side of Giant. You want to turn into the lane with RHB Bank, and basically it is down the road.

You can’t really miss it at normal operating hours, it gets pretty busy normally.

Address: 常满点心楼 or Chang Man Dim Sum, 24G,26G&28G, Jalan Bestari 5/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, 81200 Skudai, Johor


Opening Hours: Everyday, 7.30am to 5.30pm

常满点心楼 Xiao Long Bao Dim Sum Bukit Indah

What it Costs

I went there for a lunch with my girlfriend (we skipped breakfast). Their portions are pretty much such that there are 3 of everything (which I personally find a little bit strange. 2 or 4 seem more appropriate), so what happened was basically I ended up eating 2 of each for most of the dishes we ordered, and my girlfriend had 1 (the ones she liked more she had 2).

In total we got 7 different things. Siu Mai, Xiao Long Bao, egg tarts, carrot cake, eggplant, fried yam and a fried pork bun. Basically, how this place works is such that everything on the menu (I’m not quite sure, but this is how I viewed it from the receipt) is RM5.80. I personally think it is a decent deal. The taste is one of the better ones in Johor for sure! (I’m from Kuala Lumpur just for reference)

Basically, if you look at our whole meal (Pu-Er is RM6) and the 10% service charge, we paid RM51.30 for our meal, which I think is pretty good for some good Dim Sum that made us VERY full. Honestly speaking, for 2 people, I recommend maybe ordering 6 dishes total. 7 is really pushing it, but I think 6 is a good number. My girlfriend doesn’t eat too much, and I think I eat definitely more than average, so I guess we came up as very full for 2 (on average) normal eaters.

Definitely a bit too much for 2 people! XD

Definitely a bit too much for 2 people! XD

How it Tastes

I think from the way that I talk you would kinda guess that I enjoyed my meal. The food is good, the ambience is good, and in general, I would say this is among one of the best places in Johor to get Dim Sum. Legit, proper Dim Sum with a variety off choices on the menu.

My personal favourite is actually the fried yam. Really good, crispy and the yam tastes delicious! The xiao long bao and the fried pork bun were among the better dishes, and the others I guess were a bit meh, not too memorable.

But in general, I would say for Johor standards it is pretty good, but I wouldn’t score it that high on the taste score.

Similar To…

If you like this and you’re from the similar area, perhaps you can try Restaurant Meng Xiang, Bukit Indah. The custard buns from that place are absolutely delicious!

Suitable For….

Definitely think Chang Man is suitable for all ages, all types of people. It is reasonable enough to come with people having tighter wallets, and definitely serves some pretty nice Dim Sum. What I’ll say is, that if you have nowhere to go, and are in need of a breakfast or brunch, this is a really good place to go!

Star Rating

6.5/10. Personally, the food is good, and at that price point, I’m not really going to complain so much about the quality. I think it is pretty much as simple as that. The pictures kind of can help you determine whether you’ll like it or not, but I personally think this is a place that is AT LEAST worth a try if you like Dim Sum and are in the area.

6/10 was the rating my girlfriend gave this place, but she admittedly says that she has higher standards for Dim Sum (KL folk XD), but I can see where she’s coming from.