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More affectionately known as Waterworks Laksa House (W.W. Laksa House), the restaurant serves up some tasty laksa at decent prices and is something you should definitely try if you’re looking for local food in the city area.

W.W. Laksa House Laksa Johor

Is it Halal?

The restaurant claims that they are a place where there is no pork, no lard. They have NO HALAL certificate, but I think some Malay people are perfectly comfortable eating here with the no pork, no lard in mind.

W.W. Laksa House JB

Where it Is

A bit difficult to describe where it is, as the location is a bit isolated from everything, but basically it is on a branch of the main road, and very near Hospital Sultanah Aminah. It is a corner lot, and is pretty busy most of the time, so it is pretty hard to miss.

Address: W.W. Laksa House/水塘路辣沙, Jalan Kolam Ayer, 36A& 36A1, Taman Kolam Air, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor


Operating Hours

Off every Wednesday (I actually tried going on Wednesday, having to end up there on Thursday instead!)

Weekdays (Apart from Wednesday): 8am - 3pm
Weekends: (Sorry, I’m not too sure, I’m trying to get a bit of confirmation)

W.W. Laksa House Barley

What it Costs

It is actually quite pricey relative to other noodles in and around the Johor Bahru area. The absolute maximum that I think it will cost to have lunch at W.W. Laksa House would be what I essentially had: one large laksa, a barley and 2 pieces of otak-otak - which I would say would definitely make a majority of Malaysian people full in the stomach.

I personally paid RM11.30 for my entire meal, and I would say that is pretty reasonable for what I ate. The large laksa is probably not the BEST description of large, I’ve seen bigger, but the portions are reasonable. The cockles (see-ham) fill up the bowl quite well as well, so that definitely makes it worth.

The portion for the otak-otak is slightly small. A breakdown of the RM11.30 would be something like this: Laksa RM8, Barley RM1.80 (I’m estimating barley and otak-otak) and otak-otak RM0.75 per piece x2 (RM1.5).

W.W. Laksa House

How it Tastes

I would say this would be one of the more clean tasting laksa I have tasated in Johor. Perhaps another way to describe this would be that the laksa soup is on the milder side, but it definitely packs a punch on the taste aspect. As usual with this type of place, you can choose your noodle to combine with that delicious broth of laksa.

The tau pok is actually really good, and is in that in between of crispy and soft for you to enjoy to eat. But as I mentioned before, the cockles are pretty strong in the taste, and if you like it, this is a place where you will very much appreciate the taste, together with that laksa broth!

The otak-otak has a pretty unique taste that I feel is difficult to stop munching on once you start. It doesn’t have that strong of a otak-otak kind of aftertaste to it, which makes it easy to binge on once you start. I personally quite like the otak-otak here.

Empty bowls = Happy Bowl

Empty bowls = Happy Bowl

Suitable for…

A quick meal! Despite the fact that a lot of people come here for their lunches, W.W. Laksa House is able to serve food at a really fast pace at a fairly economical price, so it is definitely a good option for those trying to eat fast on a budget. You see a LOT of hospital staff from either Hospital Sultanah Aminah or Klinik Kesihatan Mahmoodiah coming here for their lunch fix!

Star Rating

7/10. A pretty nice tasting laksa that most people will enjoy! Has a very cozy local feel to it, making it a place that I would definitely recommend people to try at least ONCE when you’re in the area. Not really the type of place to binge, but more likely the type that you would eat at every 2 weeks.