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Thai steamboats are really popular nowadays, and Thai Three Mookata House (泰三炭烤火锅) is absolutely not an exception! At RM39.90, you are getting a buffet worth of meat, vegetables and desserts!

Thai Three Mookata House Eco Botanic

Is it Halal?

No, this is a non-halal restaurant. It serves pork dishes (part of the bbq and the steamboat dishes), but if you are not too particular, you can just get non-pork dishes.

Thai Three Mookata House Eko Botani

Where it Is

It is located in Eco Botanic (Eko Botani for some), and on the same row as the chicken rice shop Kang Bee Hong, Royal Tea and Quu (between Kang Bee Hong and Royal Tea). If you’re lost, just find the apartment EcoNest, and just do a quick round around the shops surrounding it. You’re bound to see Thai Three Mookata House.

Address: 泰三炭烤火锅 Thai Three Mokata House Steamboat Restaurant, 38 Jalan Eko Botani 3/6 Johor Bahru


Opening Hours:

11.30am to 2:30am, 4:30pm to 12:30am (Daily, from their Facebook page)

Eco Botanic Thai Restaurant Steamboat

What it Costs

I would say there isn’t anything too much to say about the cost of this kind of things, because it is naturally a buffet, but what I’ll say is that for RM39.90, if you come here hungry, you can eat your money’s worth. I personally recommend taking a lot more of their meats (it is hidden away in a fridge towards the right of most of the dishes, so PLEASE don’t miss it).

They also have everything that you pretty much want for a steamboat, like your vegetables, eggs, fish balls (and other variations), etc. So, what I’ll say is that it can be VERY worth it! To top it off, there’s an asssortment of noodles, as well as white rice for you to feast on together with your steamboat and bbq dishes.

Thai Three Mookata House

How it Tastes

Pretty good. It is a pretty nice place to go to for Thai bbq. Important thing to note: NO DIARRHEA the following day, which is kind of a really good thing when it comes to this kind of thing. But the meats are crispy, really delicious when bbq-ed, so I definitely recommend taking a lot more of their meats (samgyupsal, etc.). They also have a lot of sauces that go really well with the meats that you can choose from.

Thai Three Mookata House BBQ

Me and my girlfriend chose to have the Tomyam soup, but they have a few other options as well, namely a clear soup. (Can only choose one) The soup itself was okay-ish, the kind that you kind of go, I’ve had better, but I’ve had worse.

They have ice creams for you to finish your meal, and drinks too. They’ve got thai iced tea, green tea and water, so you’ve got that covered in the RM39.90 as well!

But in general, this is more a quantity > quality kind of place. A fairly big spread and pretty decent quality. They also have some hot dishes (the one I noticed was a minced pork that was a bit spicy).

Thai Three Mookata House Ba Kwa

Suitable For…

More than one! This is a place that is more suitable when more hungry or basically craving some kind of celebratory meal! More people, more choices to eat from, with this kind of place. So I personally recommend coming here in a group.

Eco Botanic Restaurant

Star Rating

7/10. Decent quality, and as I mentioned before, both my girlfriend and I were fine in the following days (which is often a worry about coming to this kind of place). The meat was personally enjoyable, and they have quite a bit of seafood as well (we didn’t get too much this round).