Food Blog | Soon Ji Pork Organ Soup (Ah Soon) Restaurant Batu Pahat

Previously named Ah Soon Restaurant, Soon Ji pork organ soup (阿顺饭馆) is a local iteration of a famous dish - the pork organ soup, or 猪杂汤. Personally, it is one of my favourite places to eat at Batu Pahat Itself!

Soon Ji Pork Organ Soup Batu Pahat

Is it Halal?

No, this place is quite obviously not halal. It serves pork organ soup.

Ah Soon Restaurant Batu Pahat

Where it Is?

Soon Ji Restaurant shouldn’t be mistaken for Ah Soon, although they are pretty nearby to each other. If you somehow end up at the old shop lot, turn left at the main road, and go straight. You will eventually see it on the left hand side.

Grab doesn’t recognise Soon Ji Restaurant, so you might want to use Atap Food Court as the Grab destination. You will see it from Atap Food Court.

Address: Soon Ji Restaurant, Jalan Mohd. Akil, Kampung Pegawai, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor

Opening Hours:

8.30am to 3pm daily (Closed on Thursdays)

Soon Ji 猪什汤 Batu Pahat With Rice

What it Costs

I would say this leans more towards the better budget meals in Batu Pahat. It costs RM5 for their basic pork organ soup. This basically consists of pork, pork organs, vegetables (tomatoes, cabbage, etc.) and basically that. It is a fairly big bowl, so there is a lot to enjoy! My colleagues who went with me actually couldn’t finish it in one sitting, but they weren’t feeling that hungry on the day (but they have really good reviews for this place).

On top of that, most people want to add some kind of carbohydrate (because we are from Malaysia xD). So you can add noodles or rice. Personally speaking, having tried both, I personally like having it with their noodles. It is a basic yellow noodle, with some condiments on top, but it works really well together. In my photos, it is the large serving of noodles, which is RM3. A small serving is RM2, and the rice I believe was RM1.

There is a trolley going around with drinks as well (lots of nice drinks like longan, etc.), so it is a pretty nice place to come for a relaxing lunch meal.

Ah Soon Pork Organ Soup with Noodles

How it Tastes

It is a really clean tasting soup! Honestly it is real delicious. You can taste the tomatoes infused in the soup, so the taste is really good. The pork is really hearty, the liver is amazing! (honestly one of my favourite places with liver)

The noodles are really good simply because of the condiments on top. It is basically your run of the meal packet noodle you buy from any supermarket (at least I think), but the condiments, as well as the soup make this a really enjoyable meal.

One thing to note. Most people get REALLY thirsty really shortly after - so I guess it is an indication that maybe they used quite a bit of ajinamoto in their soup.

Soon Ji Pork Organ Soup Batu Pahat

Star Rating

7.5/10. Really tasty place! The tomatoes make the soup really nice, the soup tastes pretty darn good and the portions of meat inside are really big! Makes it real worth to visit for a nice lunch.