Food Blog | Fave Pay Review

Food Blog | Fave Pay Review

We see Fave Pay around in a lot of restaurants nowadays, so as I am a big user of the Fave Pay app, I thought I would do a quick how-to blog post, regarding the app.

Fave Logo

DISCLAIMER: (As I feel this post definitely needs this) I am not sponsored or being paid by Fave Pay in any form. I am merely talking about an app that I personally use regularly in order to get some good deals and to save some money. For all intensive purposes, I mainly use this app in Johor Bahru, but you can use this anywhere else in Malaysia, as well as Singapore (not sure where else).

How to Use Fave Pay in Malaysia

How it Works

So, you open the app, and you set up your account. Simple enough. You’ll get to a home page that showcases the deals that they have available for you to claim for the day. This is IMPORTANT! Before you use any deal, or when you pay for your meal, you absolutely NEED to check here first. This is how you can get discounts really easy that you will kick yourself for missing after you’ve already paid, so make sure to check this page!

Fave Pay Payment

Next thing you want to do is to click ‘Nearby’. So, what you have here would be all the restaurants nearby at which you can take advantage of Fave Pay. If you want only the special deals (with discounts), click the tab saying ‘Show only FaveDeals Partner’ and you will see all the shops with special deals, only redeemable using Fave Pay.

The idea with Fave Pay is that you pay everything through the app (your credit card details need to be inserted). When you claim a deal, claim the deal on the app, and then show it to the staff. Do note: DO TELL THE STAFF FIRST. Then, you will know if there is a special condition (which they will show in the app, but sometimes the restaurant may not be able to use the code on the day because of one reason or another) where you may not be able to use it on the day.

Fave Pay Deals Subway

The CashBack basically works like this. If you’ve eaten at a restaurant and paid using Fave Pay, you will get how ever much cashback (normally 5-10%) back on the app. However, this can ONLY be used at the SAME RESTAURANT. I have made the mistake before thinking you can use it anywhere, but only SOME (very rare) are app-wide cash-back. Most are just for the restaurant that you initially at at.

The last image I’m going to be showing you from the app is my personal page. This is basically where you go once you have bought your deals, and want to see them later on. Just click on the deal that you have bought, and it will tell you how you can claim it at the restaurant! Simple as that.

PRO TIP: Be careful with expiry dates, you don’t want to waste any of the deals!

Fave Pay Discounts

Overall Thoughts on the App

It is one of the apps that I really love. Similar to GaGa, I prefer Fave in the sense that there is no hassle of having to take a picture of a QR code AFTER the meal, and the fact that many good restaurants or dessert chains (Llao Llao, Subway, Morganfields, etc.) are on it! I use it quite regularly, and it is probably THE FOOD app that everyone should be using in Singapore and Malaysia!