Food Guide | What to Eat in Senai Airport

Having a short stop in Senai airport? Not sure what to eat? You’ve come to the right place! Because here is a quick guide to what you can eat at Senai Airport, Johor

1. Old Town Kopitiam

Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam Senai

Can’t really beat the classics, right? Old Town Kopitiam is a Malaysian airport favourite, loaded with all your local goodies. From Nasi Lemak to your Mee Hoons, Old Town White Coffee will make sure that you are loaded up on your coffee and full up in your stomachs!

2. Tumis Restaurant

Tumis Restaurant Senai Airport

Tunis is actually pretty similar in what they offer, with a MORE Malay twist to them. Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng and Curry Puffs are what you can find here, at fairly reasonable prices.

3. KFC

KFC Senai Airport

Sometimes you just want to have a cheat day after a long day of flying, eh? Look no further, as there is a KFC right here at Senai airport! Fried chicken, Zinger Burgers, etc. are what you can find here (if you already didn’t know), but at the cost of really long lines (sometimes).

Polar Ice Cream Senai Airport

4. Polar Ice Cream

Sure, there may be some specialty drink chains here like Boost and Gong Cha, but for desserts, the only place to go is pretty much Polar Ice Cream. They have a fairly large assortment of ice cream to satisfy all your sweet cravings!

5. Subway

Want a quick bite to takeaway or rushing for a flight? Look no further than Subway! The classic sandwich bar restaurant chain can be found right opposite KFC, and is an option for all you folk looking for a healthier option at Senai Airport!

Subway Senai Airport

6. Marybrown

Marybrown Senai Airport

Want some fried chicken, but sick of KFC? Well, look no further than Marybrown! I mean, nothing much to say, really. I’m honestly more of a KFC kind of guy.

7. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Senai Airport

Previously, there wasn’t really a place to get Pizza at Senai Airport, but now there is! The newly opened Pizza Hut is there to satisfy your pizza cravings, so be sure to check out their latest deals at Senai Airport soon!

8. Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe Senai Airport

If you desire cakes, where do you go? For me, the safest option is nearly always Secret Recipe! Right opposite Pizza Hut, I would say Secret Recipe probably has the widest menu set at Senai Airport, with their menu ranging from Western to Asian cuisine. Worth a shot if you want to finish your meal off with cake!

9. Lavender Bistro Senai Airport

Another option you can have if you want cake is Lavender Bistro Senai Airport! It actually serves really delicious food that feels really home-ly. Personally, I really like eating it before or after a flight out of Johor!