Food Blog | Shiokara Eco Botanic

Located in the middle of the ever-growing Eco Botanic (or Eko Botani) lies an upscale Japanese Restaurant aiming to satisfy all our stomachs in Shiokara! Serving up delicious sashimi and scrumptious udons, Shiokara is a really popular spot for Japanese food enthusiasts.

Shiokara Eco Botanic

Is it Halal?

Sorry, but Shiokara is a non-halal option, with pork on its menu. I’m not too sure about the other meats, but they DO serve pork in this restaurant.

Shiokara Eko Botani

Where it Is

The few landmarks you will notice will be the big building in the middle of Eco Botanic (Eco Nest Apartments), and to the side, you will want to find the row with Quu, Royal Tea or Kang Bee Hong. It is almost directly next to Royal Tea, on the second floor of a Japanese furniture shop.

Parking is pretty easy here, with parking lots aplenty. Parking is free, so you don’t really need to worry too much about the parking. Go up the stairs, and you’re at Shiokara! (do be careful when closing the door, it slams shut XD)

Address: 28, Jalan Eko Botani 3/6, Taman Eco Botani, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor


Operating Hours:

11am to 11pm Daily

Shiokara Chicken Katsu Set

What it Costs

So, I actually headed there with my girlfriend the other day, and we had a menu totalling up to a pretty hefty RM73. I personally had the Ton Katsu Set, which comes with your basic ton katsu and Japanese rice, complemented by a soup and a small sashimi plate.

My girlfriend had a Su Udon, which is basically a pretty basic bowl of udon with no meat. That udon came up to RM15, and we topped out meal off with a Futo Maki, which was RM25 for 8 pieces of sushi consisting of tamago, cucumber, crabstick and some sort of cooked fish. Sorry, I’m not too sure about that. (Ocha is RM2 per cup here)

Shiokara Udon

How it Tastes

On particular day of getting pictures, the food was actually a tad underwhelming. I’ve previously eaten here, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt of being an off-day (in general, I like the food here). The ton katsu set is actually not too bad of a deal if you consider the sashimi being part of the meal as well.

My girlfriend likes this place quite a bit too, but as mentioned earlier, this is one of the pricier options you can go for Japanese food.

The Futo Maki is actually pretty good if you don’t mind the price tag. It is a delicious maki with a really nice tamago taste to it.

Shiokara Maki

Suitable For…

A special weekend meal. Not really what you want to be having on a daily basis due to the price, but in general, the food is pretty good here (you can be pretty assured about the quality), and is a nice cozy environment to bring family, a date, or even a colleague for a business dinner.

Shiokara Sashimi Eco Botanic

Star Rating

7/10. In general, they make pretty good food. Whilst slightly on the pricier side, I will at least lay the following arguments down about Shiokara. The seating in general is very private and spacious (except the two tables beside the sushi bar). The quality of the food is one of the higher ones compared to everything else available in Johor. Definitely feels more up market than let’s say your Warakuya or Sushi Zento, both of which you can find in Johor.