Bibz Eats | KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Review

KFC has a new addition to their special promotions menu, and it is none other than the KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger and KFC Ghost Pepper Twister. I recently headed down to a nearby KFC to try it out, and here are my thoughts on the new burger.

KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Promotion

I personally tried the KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger.


Here are the prices for the different combinatino of meals you can get with this new promotion.

Ghost Pepper Zinger

  • A la Carte - RM 10.90

  • Combo - RM14.90

  • Box Meal - RM18.90

Ghost Pepper Twister (Ghost Pepper Twister basically means a wrap instead of your normal burger patties)

  • A la Carte - RM8.90

  • RM12.90

  • RM16.90

KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Review

KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Review

I think that what’s important here is to know what is the actual difference between a normal ZInger burger and this new promotion. The chicken is the same (NO DIFFERENCES WHATSOEVER). They removed the lettuce and replaced it with tomatoes, Japanese cucumber and they added nachos as well. The mayonnaise remains, and they have the Ghost Pepper sauce on top of that. Pretty much what I’m trying to say is that the only REAL difference is the sauce.

KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger

Assembly-wise, this is a pretty clumsy burger with a lot of height - simply because of the cucumbers. I initially thought it would actually be some kind of pepper, but alas, it was cucumber. Pretty messy as well, as all the burger bits pretty much just get everywhere once you pick it up - hence I didn’t really take any pictures after actually picking it up. XD

What I’ll say is that it almost tastes like a (wannabe) gourmet burger. The red zinger burger patty is - whilst aestetically pleasing - surprisingly didn’t add any taste to the burger. But I will admit the use of cucumber and tomatoes kind of elevate it above your usual KFC burger. The nachos, however, lacked taste and didn’t really add anything (not even a crunch) to this burger.

KFC Ghost Pepper Zinger Malaysia Review

I think what you’re expecting me to write about is probably this: spice. And my answer would be that this isn’t even that spicy. Probably a 4/10 on the spiciness scale. Put it this way, I didn’t even think about getting a drink whilst, or after eating this. But what I will admit is that after you admit, this heat around your mouth does actually remain. Not annoying enough to even get a drink, but it is there for maybe 20 minutes - which makes it an interesting experience.

Worth Trying?

I honestly think that this ISN’T a hit. If you guys have seen my Parmesan Truffle Crunch review from KFC, you know I LOVED that promotion. But this one is a thumbs down from me. Not really that worth trying. Basically what you’re getting this burger/wrap for is the sauce, and even that is pretty underwhelming.