Food Blog | Liang Sandwich Bar Aeon Bukit Indah

Not often I do these kind of posts, but I feel not many people not about the Liang Sandwich Bar in Bukit Indah, so I thought I would give them a healthy shoutout.

Liang Sandwich Bar

I’m a pretty big fan of the sandwich bar (more people will probably know it more as the brand that Jay Chou endorses pretty heavily). Not only is it uber tasty, but in my personal opinion, it is a pretty healthy option that you can indulge on once in a while.

Liang Sandwich Bar Bukit Indah

The way that I personally describe it as would be that it is a healthy (or at least a glorified version) version of Malaysia’s favourite breakfast - the roti canai. It tastes and is even prepared in a very similar manner. With your add-ons - chicken bolognaise, cheese and eggs, even a satay chicken option - being added in between once they slice it up.

That being said, it definitely costs quite a bit more than your regular roti canai. With options ranging from RM6.90 to RM9.90 in general.

Liang Sandwich Bar

My personal favourite is the cheese and egg combination (costs RM6.90). Their cheese is absolutely delicious! They have a salted egg yolk promotion (which I believe they are stopping pretty soon), but although I like the taste, I honestly think it is a REALLY messy sandwich for you to choose.

Liang Sandwich Bar Lemonade

They’ve got a few drink options too! They’ve got a lemonade, a honey green tea and one more I can’t quite remember. Both the lemonade and honey green tea come at RM2.90. Personally speaking, I liked the lemonade - quite simply because it isn’t the very sweet kind, and the sourness and the fullness of the drink still make it really tasty (not diluted).

Don’t mind me, just having a sandwich XD

Don’t mind me, just having a sandwich XD

For all of you guys struggling to find the Liang Sandwich Bar in Bukit Indah, it a small van actually located right outside of Bukit Indah and in front of Public Bank (or the foot reflexology center). It is quite near the McDonald’s in Bukit Indah, if you need another landmark to follow.