Bibz Spoils | More than Blue (Taiwanese) | Movie Review with Spoilers

Bibz Spoils | More than Blue (Taiwanese) | Movie Review with Spoilers

If there was a movie that I would say you would go in with the expectation of crying and come out crying anyways, it would probably be this one. Jasper Liu and Ivy Chen deliver a captivating performance that rival even the best melodramas.

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This is A SPOILER FILLED Movie Review, so I suggest if you don’t want the movie to be spoiled for yourself, click away.



I warned you.




Last chance.



Oh well, you get one more last chance - I just lay out the cast, etc. for you all.

Movie Information

Title: More than Blue/比悲伤更悲伤的故事
Language: Chinese
Cast: Jasper Liu, Ivy Chen, Bryan Chang, Annie Chen, A-Lin, Gemma Wu (Gui Gui)

To be honest, I didn’t really know too much about this cast before watching the movie trailer. I’ve seen Jasper Liu here and there, and A-Lin has some pretty big hit singles, and then there’s Gui Gui who was in We Got Married International with 2PM’s Taecyeon, but I wasn’t too familiar with this cast.

What convinced me to watch this movie was ultimately the trailer! The combination of the music, coupled with the running scene at 0:59 by Ivy Chen absolutely stole my heart. You can almost feel her heart breaking in that very scene, and that really just SOLD me.

So here’s the absolutely LAST warning before I spoil this movie.

The Plot (With Spoilers)

So, the story basically goes like this. It follows the REAL A-Lin, finding a song for a web drama. They can’t quite find a good song, and she gets in the car with her manager after being frustrated by the initial song. He suggests just listening to a demo track given to him by a friend, and she falls in love with the tune.

So they find who gave him the demo, and it turns out that the person who sang it has passed away, and the lyricist has not been heard from in months. There begins the story of ‘K’ and ‘Cream’ ‘s love story.

The story kind of goes along with 3 versions of the story. The longest of which uses K (Jasper Liu) as the main perspective behind the story. We learn the story about how his father died of leukemia, and how his mother abandoned him after learning that K has leukemia himself, knowing the futile end is near, and the costs she would have to bear.

One fine day, he meets Cream, who ultimately causes him to get demerit points by getting him caught with the cigarette she was smoking. He thinks it was like love at first sight.

But from there on, she apologises, and they grow closer. Eating instant ramen together, studying together, getting ice cream in all weather. One day, he brings her to his house, and she realises he lives alone. Cream herself has lost her family in a tragic car crash previously (no idea where she was living before this moment in time, but I’ll let that pass). End conclusion here is that they decide to live together.

They end up working in a record label, with K working as a manager (query actual position, but he seems pretty important. I wasn’t sure about actual role), whilst Cream works as a lyricist.

K starts experiencing symptoms of weakness, feeling faint, back pain, etc. (basically symptoms synonymous with that of leukemia) and ultimately keeps it to himself. He thinks that as the only family of Cream, all she would experience would be hurt by knowing of his condition.

KEY DAY (this is important day for later on, but just take it as it is for the moment. I will relate it back to the story later). Cream has a hard time with one of the divas in the company (Gemma Wu) about lyrics, and gets into a fight with Gemma. When K gets home, Cream is crying inside of a blanket. K comforts her and they just talk about their hopes and dreams.

One day, Cream asks K what his wish is. K’s wish is that Cream gets married to a good guy. When asked why doesn’t K propose to her then, K says he is not that good guy for her. His criteria is that he must have money, have a stable job and have good health (obviously crossing himself out from the argument).

Cream gets right to it, and forces love down a dentist’s throat by first of all leaving a kiss mark on a cup before passing it back to him, then visiting his clinic the very next day for a dental appointment. But wait. He is engaged.

And just like real life, what conspires next is that K has this guy privately investigated and subsequently finds that his fiance had been cheating on him. He sends the pictures over to him, but at this point in time, the dentist doesn’t pursue a breakup just yet.

There’s a scene where the dentist kinda asks Cream basically why in the world she is falling for him, but she basically just says this: “If love can be explained, there will not be so many people in the world hurting because of it.” or “爱情如果可以解释的话,那世界上就不会有人因此而痛苦了。”. This is also part of the story later on.

Jeez. We still on K’s side of the story. But we carry on.

Now the dentist’s fiance (a photographer) figures out it was K who had her investigated, and is kinda just like WTF. Who the heck are you (not an actual scene)? But she beats him up with a bat and basically tells him to f*ck off.

The next day, K goes over to her studio and tells her his situation. That he only has months left to live and that he is willing to pay her money. She agrees (much more long winded story, but you get the point), with the condition (this SICK, SICK condition) of him being part of her photography exhibition about dying.

Like jeez. Can you just show a tiny bit of respect for the dying man.

But yeah. She does it anyways.

Dentist ultimately decides to break up with her first (although she was going to do it), and tells her about Cream. Not too much detail here, but now-ex-dentist fiance walks away crying (a-la-trailer).

Cream and dentist man fall more in love, and ultimately decide to have a wedding.

At this point in time, I really don’t think ANYONE’s tears SHOULD have fallen yet. I thought I was pretty safe once I got to this point, but the tears come later.

They go wedding dress shopping (Cream and K, as Cream’s now-finacee lets K have one last moment with Cream before asking him to stay away), and she suggests he tries on a suit as well. They take one nice picture together. He runs away as she is trying her next one.

More Than Blue Ivy Chen & Bryan.jpg

I think those are pretty much the main points from his story.

Then we see it from her perspective.

She found out about his condition upon stumbling on his medications on the day of the fight with the diva (Gemma Wu). Of course she is upset.

But that explains why she was crying inside the blanket, thinking how he coped with all of this alone. This explains why she asked what his wish was.

And it’s sad, because she wishes his wish was to be right next to her, getting married together. Inside K’s heart, he actually feels the same way, but he wants not to be selfish (which in doing so, turned out to be pretty darn selfish, so checkmate either way).

We also learn that she actually saw the day his mother abandoned him because of leukemia, and that she feels that being abandoned is probably worse than having them all die in an accident. So we learn that their first encounter wasn’t actually an accident, but a way that 2 lonely souls healed each other’s hearts.

They have a sweet scene where they rehearse for the wedding. K acts as the priest and says, “Do you take this man before you as your husband, through sickness and in health”, and Cream obviously says yes. Inside Cream’s heart, THAT moment was her wedding. Not the one with everyone there, and him walking her down the aisle.

More Than Blue Wedding.jpg

But shortly after the wedding, Cream decides, f*ck this, I’m done pretending, and leaves a voice message for the dentist. It says that she is sorry she used him for this heinous act for her best friend’s dying wish, that you couldn’t erase the past 15+ years. Cream goes to find K doing his chemotherapy treatment, and it is at this point, he knows the jig is up. He looks sickly.

The ending is pretty much such that they go home to live out the rest of his days, and she decides to commit suicide (yes, just a big twist thrown in there) and we see the poor dentist beside her gravestone. But I appreciate the general message behind the idea of the movie.

Then we basically get back to A-Lin deciding to sing the song.

Movie Review

A solid 8/10.

For me, as I mentioned above, this is a pretty tear-jerking film. I LOVED the chemistry between Jasper Liu and Ivy Chen. They work really well together, and timelines really work in a very coherant way.

For me, the saddest moment in the movie was probably not even between the 2 main cast, but by the dentist, who says - whilst looking down on the 2 gravestones - “If love can be explained, there will not be so many people in the world hurting because of it.”. Something that Cream, herself, told him. I think it is super ironic because the woman he loved both times ended up hurting him over something that never was his fault. (One cheated, one basically just manipulated his trust - but I almost feel as though he understood why Cream did it)

This movie is very hit or miss among viewers online, but my personal opinion is that this is a HIT. I absolutely LOVED Ivy Chen’s performance - it was both touching to the audience and absolutely genuine.

A-Lin’s song works beautifully into this movie (even Jasper Liu’s version, to be very honest is really nice). The story was one that was beautiful, and I feel that I really resonated with a lot of messages portrayed throughout the movie. Here it is, if you haven’t heard it yet.