Food Blog | Dae Bap Korean Restaurant Mount Austin

Food Blog | Dae Bap Korean Restaurant Mount Austin

Mount Austin is home to a lot of Japanese and Korean food, and Dae Bap is another option for all you foodies out there! It offers a more homely variation of Korean cuisine.

Dae Bap Korean Restaurant Mount Austin

Is it Halal?

No, this is a non-halal restaurant, it serves up pork among other dishes.

Where it Is

It is located in the same area as Bar Wang (famous mixed rice restaurant), but more specifically, it is in between Famous Dart restaurant and Wafu Japanese cuisine (which I believe is a sister restaurant to Dae Bap Korean Restaurant).

Address: Dae Bap Korean Restaurant, No.8, Jalan Austin Heights 3/2 Johor Bahru


Operating Hours:

Daily: 11am - 10pm (Daily)

What it Costs

I actually had their kimchi pork soup (RM14.90) and although it does seem pricey for your regular lunch, I must say that for that price, you REALLY get what you pay for. The bowl of soup with the pork is REALLY big, although maybe the actual among of pork leaves a lot to be desired. But it is a really hearty bowl of kimchi pork!

Dae Bap Mount Austin Menu

Their whole menu can be accessed here (with prices). They have nice plates made for sharing, budae jigae, fried chicken and even those cute lunch boxes where you shake to mix all the ingredients!

Dae Bap Yoghurt

How it Tastes

They offer a nice yoghurt cup at the beginning of your meal to whet your appetite - which is a nice touch, and gives it a very nice feel.

As I menitoned, the soup is actually pretty big in portion, but the first thing that hits my mind when trying it would be - jesus christ it is thick. Normally, kimchi jigae has that soup kind of feel, so you can drink it like a soup. But I personally like that this one feels more like a sauce. REALLY nice. (For me, but I understand why people might not really like it like this).

Dae Bap Kimchi Jigae Pork

Suitable For…

A casual lunch! Lots of choices at all sorts of different prices, so it is nice to come here as a group and try all the different things here! Wouldn’t say it is BUDGET, per se, but I would say it is still pretty reasonable for a Korean meal in general.

Daebap Meal

Star Rating

6.5/10. Good, not great, but overall you end up with a nice meal. Their menu is VERY extensive - really nice casual options for both sharing and having by yourself.