Bibz Giveaway | Bokksu Box

Hi everyone! Today I come to you guys with the first Giveaway on my blog! I’m giving away a Tasting Bokksu Box (worth USD 25 or about RM100 for my Malaysian readers)!

Bokksu Japanese Snack Box

What is Bokksu

Bokksu is a company that specialises in Japanese snack boxes, with a focus on the international market. It collaborates with independent Japanese snack providers, and brings you high quality Japanese snacks for you to binge on in a subscription based model.

Each month, they will have specific themes - and they will find suitable snack and tea pairings in order to give you a fantastic Japanese snack experience!

They offer 2 kinds of boxes - the Tasting Bokksu subscription (10-14 different Japanese snacks) - and the classic Bokksu subscription (20-25 snacks). I’m giving away a tasting Bokksu (slightly cheaper) box! Please note that this is a subscription based model, so the longer you subscribe to it, the cheaper the per-box price of these boxes becomes!

How to Join the Giveaway

Really simple.

  1. Join my mailing list. Right here!

  2. That’s it, just wait!

When I’m Announcing the Winner

I will be announcing the winner in my monthly newsletter on April the 1st, to keep your eyes peeled for that when it comes about!

What I Hope You Can Do

Full disclosure: I am not being sponsored or paid to do this giveaway. This is purely from my own pocket, and applies to anybody - not just readers from Malaysia. But I do hope that you can do something for me if you do end up winning the giveaway.

I am merely a fan of the concept, and would like to personally promote their product!

I hope you can just give me one word to describe each of the respective snacks in the box, and an overall rating for 1) How you felt the snacks tasted and 2) Whether you feel that these boxes are worth it at USD25.

This is just something I HOPE you can do, rather than a requirement for this contest.

So, what are you waiting for, sign up right now!