Worth the Hype? | KFC Golden Egg Crunch 2019

So, a few of you guys who frequent my blog a bit might know that I’m quite a KFC fanboy, so every time a new KFC promotion is out, I’ll probably be there to try it within a week. Today in Worth the Hype/What the Hell I talk about the promotion KFC has brought back from last year: the KFC Golden Egg Crunch!

KFC Golden Egg Crunch 2019

What KFC Claims

(This is a new promotion in Malaysia as of May 2019)

So, here’s what KFC say is on offer when you indulge on their new KFC Golden Egg Crunch. So, you’re basically getting fried chicken with an outer layer covered with this mixture of spices comprising of curry leaves, sweet basil and salted egg.

So, just hearing this, I’m thinking of a pretty darn unhealthy piece of chicken right here. Just imagine fried chicken with an outer layer of salted egg. Jeez, my coronary arteries are clogging up already! XD Nonetheless, I’m going to try it anyways, so it is slightly beside the point.

Mangga Ria Drink KFC

The price for the KFC Golden Egg Crunch comes in at a pretty hefty RM18.90 for the 3 piece combo - meaning 3 pieces of fried chicken, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and their mangga ria (?) drink - I think this is sort of like a mango juice mix - that comes alongside it. For the same thing but with 2 pieces of fried chicken, it comes in at RM14.90.

Just for reference, the equivalent combo for their previous combo - the parmesan truffle crunch, you could get the 2 chicken set for RM15.90 and the 3 chicken set for RM19.90, so this is actually slightly cheaper. They don’t really have a set equivalent for their normal/spicy chicken, but the 2 chicken + fries + drink comes in at RM14.20, so I would say this is quite a worthwhile promotion to try just to keep things fresh.

KFC Golden Egg Crunch Salted Egg Yolk 2019

Worth the Hype or What the Hell?

So, what I’ll say is that 1 in 3 of my chickens had a proper crunch that I was happy with - which is probably a slightly underwhelming amount. So, I thought it was a bit inconsistent and underwhelming in that aspect.

In many ways I feel like this is almost identical to the Thai Spicy Sawadee Crunch promotion that KFC had just a few months ago - just without the same spice. The chicken is pretty much what you expect from a standard KFC chicken, so what you’re paying for is pretty much that spice mix on top of the skin.

KFC Golden Egg Crunch 2019 Promotion

Flavours wise, don’t get this if what you want is the salted egg yolk flavour, because you are NOT getting it here. Sometimes I will taste a salted egg yolk dish and be quite impressed by the likeness, but this is NOT one of those times. I can barely even identify it as salted egg yolk.

The curry leaves and the sweet basil are noticeable with regard to the flavour profile, so it is slightly interesting in that aspect.

So, that being said, I would say this is probably not as unhealthy as I expected - I mean of course it is unhealthy, just that I thought the salted egg yolk would have been more heavy.

Overall, I would give this a meh on the Worth the Hype scale. Not particularly special - like what I personally thought of the parmesan truffle crunch, which was really unique, although I do know that some people were not quite fans of it - so I would say you should give this chicken a pass.