Food Blog | Roti Prata @ Chef Prata, Bukit Indah

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite breakfast spots in Bukit Indah, Chef Prata! They serve up a Chinese twist to roti canai (or roti prata, as they call it in Johor/Singapore), and a mean nasi lemak to make for the perfect breakfast.

Chef Prata Bukit Indah Roti Prata

Is it Halal?

No, this is a non-halal restaurant. They serve up pork ham options in their menu - cooked on the same stove as all their other variants. But if you do not mind this, there are your usual variants of a plain roti prata, or your classic roti telur (roti prata with an egg inside).

Chef Prata Bukit Indah Interior

Where it Is?

It is located on the same row as the popular hawker “7773” - which I personally quite like as well, but we won’t go into that today - and Sorella Cafe (much closer to 7773 hawker, almost directly beside it). Personally, going through the process of parking in the lane with all the shops can be a nightmare - gets really busy - so if you want to avoid the hassle, just go to the back lane and park alongside the side of the road.

Just be a bit careful, because this does seem to be a place where police do frequent quite a bit to issue samans. I believe you are supposed to put parking coupons here, although there aren’t too many signs to indicate that - so just be mindful of this.

Address: Chef Prata & Noodle House 厨师小食馆, No 8 Jalan Indah 28/01 Taman Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru


Operating Hours:

Weekdays 7.30am to 3pm (Wednesday off days)
Weekends: 7.30am to 4pm

Just do yourself a favour and DO NOT come here when you’re rushing and order a roti prata. Nasi Lemak, noodles, anything else is fine. Just DO NOT order the roti prata if you’re rushing.

Roti 3-in-1 (Ham Cheese Egg) Chef Prata

What it Costs

The main attraction of coming here for me is the roti ham, cheese and egg. I’ll tell you a little about why in the next section. It comes in at a pretty hefty (for a roti prata) RM6.80.

This is one of the few times I forgot to snap the menu and I can’t quite find a copy online, but here’s just what I can roughly remember. I also had the Nasi Lemak (plain, with egg, no chicken) which comes at RM3.50, and I also had an Iced Lemon Tea (I think they make it themselves) - RM2.80 - meaning what I had came up to RM13.10 - a little heavy for breakfast, but I would say definitely reasonable for a brunch kind of combination.

They have many other of your more classic options - onion, egg, sardine, margarine, and a more interesting one in their milo with condensed milk, but bless your soul if you get that one. The more obscure ones like milo are not really to my taste. XD

Nasi Lemak Chef Prata

How it Tastes

This is actually one of the breakfasts I have pretty often (and I’m not that much of a breakfast person) when I was staying nearby and studying in University, so I am a big fan of this place. For me, the 3-in-1 prata (ham, cheese and egg) is so good simply because it is so savoury - makes it that little bit more filling rather than just the carbohydrate aspect of roti prata.

Coupled with that curry, this is a dish that is an absolute breakfast king!

For me, their nasi lemak’s main points would be their rice and the egg. You have a really fragrant Chinese style Nasi Lemak rice (I feel it is a little bit less fatty feel, although there is fragrance and less to the drier type of rice) with a nice egg on top. Their sambal isn’t really to my personal preference, as it seems a little bit confused as to what it is trying to be. It is definitely on the sweeter side, but not really like your more traditional Malay sambals.

I’ve previously tried their Roti Oreo (RM3) just for a bit of fun as well, and I would say it is definitely at least worth a try for being one of their cheaper variants. Their plain roti prata comes in at RM1.30, and their roti telur at RM2.30.

But please note that waiting time for eating here is 45 minutes. No getting around it on most days (this is just for roti prata related dishes, nasi lemak and noodles are fine). I’m not exactly sure what makes them so slow, but I’m so accustomed that I don’t really remind them my order isn’t here yet and just take a look at my phone whilst waiting.

Iced Lemon Tea Chef Prata

Suitable For…

A free and easy breakfast. A fantastic take on a classic Malaysian dish, and you can’t really go wrong with roti prata.

Roti Prata Bukit Indah

Star Rating

7/10. A solid 7/10. This is a place that I ate a LOT for breakfast previously, and I just love the taste. I would say the main attraction here is still by far their more unique dishes - pork ham, chocolate, oreo and such, so I personally think it is better to try those than go for the classics.

That being said, if you like a nice, soft roti telur, go ahead! They make a mean roti telur as well.