Food Blog | Burger Bandit Sunway Iskandar

Sunway Iskandar is developing at a REALLY rapid pace, so today I’m sharing with you guys a new find, which is Burger Bandit! Burger Bandit is a burger joint originating for Johor Bahru serving up a whole ton of interesting burgers.

Burger Bandit Sunway Iskandar

Is it Halal?

Burger Bandit is certified halal at their restaurant in KSL City Mall. I’m not quite sure whether the one in Sunway Iskandar in particular is certified halal, but I suspect that it is AT LEAST in the process of getting the halal certification. But from what I see from the FB page, Burger Bandit is certified halal as well.

Burger Bandit Interior Sunway Iskandar

Where it Is?

It is located almost halfway in between the new mall Citrine Hub and the turn in for Caltex. Basically if you see a row of shops in between, just turn in, and it is in the main central row. It is beside other shops such as Brazzo House, similar area as Miyakori and the Korean restaurant Keliya.

But do note it IS on the FoodPanda app as well, so if you’d like delivery, you can always head on over there to get your burger fix! I personally ordered it just to try using the FoodPanda app (do use the ShopBack app with this link - - I get RM5 into my account, you get a RM5 welcome bonus FULL DISCLOSURE). In addition, you can also use my referral code for FoodPanda via in order to get RM15 off your first order! (I get RM15 when you make that order too).

Personally, slightly slow for Johor Bahru area. Don’t believe the timing they give you on the app. I ordered at 11.15am on a slightly busy day, the order came in at around 1pm, so talking about 1pm, so that is one of the flaws of doing this.


Address: 43-01 Laman Niaga Sunway, Emerald Boulevard, Persiaran Medini, 3, Sunway, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor

Operating Hours

Daily (No Rest Day): 10.30am to 8.30pm

Burger Bandit Johor Bahru Menu Prices

What it Costs

I would say that Burger Bandit costs in between what you would expect to pay at McDonald’s and a gourmet burger place, but definitely MUCH closer to the PRICE you get at McDonald’s. I have put their basic menu for this particular branch above, but what I personally had was the Ultimate Single Beef Burger (RM12.90 a-la-carte) but I upgraded it to a combo, so I paid an additional RM4.50 to get lemonade and french fries.

Personally for me, I think it’s best to almost go there with 2 people, and share a set and an a-la-carte between two people. The reason being that their drink is really big, and their fries are sufficient.

I honestly really wanted to check their ‘best’ burger, the Mac & Cheese burger (RM13.90 for chicken, RM14.90 for beef), but it wasn’t available on the day. But I’ll definitely be back to check that burger out.

Burger Bandit Ultimate Burger JB

How it Tastes

As you would expect for the price, it tastes like the in between of a McDonald’s and a gourmet burger. But I would say that this time, you’re definitely getting what is much closer to a gourmet burger. They prepare the burgers to order, so the burgers are absolutely fresh and juicy when it arrives.

This place is self service in that you have to watch out for your own number and order at the counter, but there is a small sub area where you can add whatever mustard, tomato sauce or chilli.

Burger Bandit JB Ultimate Burger

The Ultimate Burger in particular has your basic patty, turkey strips (which are ridiculously crispy. Honestly my favourite part of this whole dish. Really adds a nice crunch to the burger), caramelized onions and of course, cheese. You’ve also got lettuce, tomato and some pickles (I know some of you guys out there aren’t big fans of this) but this is a really nice, classic beef burger that pretty much everyone can enjoy. Cooked well, prepared well.

It comes in a paper box that I think maybe not everyone will be the biggest fans of, but it is still really tidy because it comes with a paper wrapper around the burger to stop the contents from falling. Honestly one of the most convenient burger experiences i’ve had (really tidy) XD.

Drink Burger Bandit

Suitable For…

A quick bite with friends. Probably one of the cheaper options in the area, and definitely one of the tastier options. This is really good for a quick bite with friends. I can imagine those from Sunway International School will benefit a lot from a burger restaurant like this.

Star Rating

7/10. Just about a 7/10, but I think I might change this one according to future visits. I really want to try that Mac and Cheese burger, but this is basically a safe option that has comparable prices to McDonalds with a quality that way surpasses it, heading into that gourmet territory. A really good lunch/dinner optino!