Worth the Hype? | KFC Green Chilli Crunch Review

Worth the Hype? | KFC Green Chilli Crunch Review

Not going to lie. I was considering giving this a pass because this isn’t the most appealing in terms of concept, but I decided to give it a go anyways. Here’s my review and details about the prices, etc. Here’s my thoughts on the new KFC Green Chilli Crunch!

What KFC Claims

So, here’s KFC’s basic description of their new fried chicken spice combination, “the new KFC Green Chilli Crunch – taste the exciting combination of green parsley, green lime and chilli all in one bite. It’s greener on our side”.

So, basically a pretty simple chicken with I guess a very herb-y combination of spices. If anything this sounds like one of their more healthy chicken options!

KFC 2 Pc Green Chilli Crunch


It basically comes at 3 different price points depending on what you’re looking for.

Box Set (Fries, 1 pc chicken, a zinger burger, coleslaw, mash potatoes and a drink) - RM19.90
2 pc set (2 piece chicken, mashed potato and coleslaw with a drink) - RM14.90
3 pc set (Same as above except 3 pc) - RM18.90

KFC Green Chilli Crunch

KFC Green Chillin Crunch Review

So is this Worth the Hype of is this a What the Hell? I would say that this is probably not worth the hype, but not yet what the hell. I would give it a comfortable meh.

I think that this one is quite similar to their KFC Sawadee Crunch offering from a few months back. It has a similar combination of spices (even according to descriptions if I’m not mistaken) and has a very similar flavour profile. Moreover, I would say that this is one of those that aren’t that crunchy but rather has that soft skin texture (I mean I like both, but I would say this definitely doesn’t qualify as crunchy for me).

KFC Green Chilli Crunch Box Set

Spice levels wise I would say this probably isn’t even as spicy as their normal spicy chicken offering but generally this is just a pretty okay-ish piece of fried chicken, hence me giving it a meh for this one. Is it worth a try? I would say for this one, not really. It’s really okay to miss this one out, because you aren’t really missing anything too much here.