Food Blog | Mitts & Trays City Walk Dubai

Food Blog | Mitts & Trays City Walk Dubai

Sharing a great eating spot at City Walk, and this time it’s Mitts & Trays City Walk! This is a really good option for Western food developed by Chef Amna. You’ve got a really wide menu, decent prices and a whole lot of fresh ingredients to go around here!

Mitts & Trays City Walk Dubai

Is it Halal?

As usual, there really isn’t too much halal certification going around in Dubai, but I would say this is a place where most locals indulge in their favourite foods and there aren’t any menu items that should raise any concerns if you’re worried whether it is halal or not.

(Please note: This is just a regular segment because most people around Malaysia need this - this is predominantly a Malaysian food blog - although my family does live in Dubai)

Wagyu Quesadilla

Wagyu Quesadilla

Where it Is

It is located in City Walk, basically in that circle of air conditioned shops that Hub Zero is located in. The more prominent shops to look for to identify the building Mitts & Trays is in would be Butcha Steakhouse, Roux and Mattel Play Town Dubai. Once you find the building, it is pretty easy to find your way around. There is free underground parking - with some car washing options if you’d like - although it does get full pretty quickly at peak times. There is also outdoor parking here, although some is paid.

Address: City Walk Phase 2 Jumeirah, Al Wasl and Al Safa Road junction - United Arab Emirates


(You can zoom in and out of the map to explore)

Operating Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 8am to 11pm
Thursday to Saturday: 8am to 12 midnight

What it Costs

So here’s my usual Entertainer pitch to everyone. I use it in Malaysia and my mum uses it in Dubai. You actually pretty much NEED this app for Dubai (I would say you even save money by using it just as a tourist). Especially if you’re in a group of 2/4. If you don’t know what it is, it is basically spending AED495 (the promotion I’m looking at right now is AED195 - depends on when you get it) and getting loads and loads of 1-for-1 deals.

Helps me find places to eat and save money and basically a splendid app that I talk about a lot. (To the point that I feel I should be paid for the endorsement XD - Not paid). But if you WOULD like to support me and get an additional 10% off whatever deal is on at the moment, click on the link right here to get that special discount (and help fund the running of this website!)

So, back to Mitts & Trays. I went there in a party of 4, so we ended up getting 4 mains and a starter. We had their wagyu quesadilla (AED40) and for the starters we had their risotto alla milanese (AED90), their signature paella (AED103), their signature chicken sliders (AED66) and the tagaliatelle alla bolognaise (AED72). So for a meal like this, this will usually set a party of 4 AED371, but with Entertainer we used 2 for the mains, and the final bill comes up to be AED233 (they use the 2 cheapest free).

You can take a look at their full menu on their website by clicking right here. Although I must add that the menu there isn’t actually updated - 3 of the things my family ordered are not actually there, so it might be more worthwhile to click here to see the menu on Zomato (I believe they have certain deals on there too - not a paid link)

You’ve got complimentary bread at the start too!

How it Tastes

So starting off with the starters. I feel like the quesadilla is a bit more like a taco - I normally feel like quesadillas have that soft texture, this one is a bit on the harder side but the fillings are decent in general. Whether I feel like it is worth ordering, I feel like there are a few other things on the menu that may be nicer.

Chicken Slider

Chicken Slider

Onto the mains. First I’ll start with the chicken slider because I think it is genuinely one of the better sliders I have had. The chicken is fried off beautifully, the bread has a healthy filling of vegetables inside them and I’m always a sucker for sriracha mayo so that just makes this a really good slider. To top it off, instead of your more boring french fries, they’ve got onion rings! Who doesn’t love onion rings?

Risotto alla Milanese

Next, the risotto (because this is what I personally suggested out of the 4). The thing with the risotto and the paella is that they have a similar taste in terms of flavour profile. The risotto is clearly a bit more thick and creamy but I guess the saffron gives it that similar taste (?) . Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but just worth to keep in mind. I love risottos in general, and I like the dish as a whole and I feel that it is a tasty dish - not knock my socks off tasty - but a nice, pleasant dish.

Paella Mitts and Trays City Walk Dubai

The paella is a similar direction. I’ve already mentioned the similarities taste-wise with the risotto, but it brings something different because the risotto went for a chicken route, whilst the paella went down the seafood route (as most do). The seafood is nice. They’ve got a nice touch where you can choose whether you would like them to de-shell the seafood for you or not, and the seafood overall is pretty tasty.

The Bolognese is probably one of the better ones I’ve had, if I had to compare them. To be fair, sometimes there’s nothing much to say about a dish because it is really explanatory - this is one of those times.

Star Rating

7.5/10. Maybe I also weighed the Entertainer 1-for-1 deal slightly in their favour, but I think 7.5 is just about where I would leave Mitts & Trays. This is a really safe choice for everyone really, a modern twist on more traditional foods, and I feel like it is definitely one of the better choices in the City Walk area!