Food Blog | Breakfast @ Cocoa Room Galleria Mall Dubai

So, I’m back in Dubai for the summer holidays and the first foodie spot I’m recommending is Cocoa Room Galleria Mall Dubai! This review is basically covering their breakfast options and NOT their lunch/dinner options, so do keep this in mind.

Churro Cruffin from Cocoa Room Galleria Mall Dubai

Churro Cruffin from Cocoa Room Galleria Mall Dubai

Is it Halal?

I believe that this is a halal option for everyone to enjoy. I’m not personally too sure about how halal certification works as a whole, but basically me and my family were basically the only non-local (or Emirati) people eating here, so take that as you will.

Hot Chocolate (Burnt Marshmallow Variant) from Cocoa Room Dubai

Hot Chocolate (Burnt Marshmallow Variant) from Cocoa Room Dubai

Where it Is

Honestly, this is a pretty hard place to identify if you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for. This place is slightly confusing because for breakfast (basically up to noon) it is called Cocoa Room (this is what it is called if you see it from outdoors), but once you hit noon, it turns into Slider Station (which is the sign inside, which makes this UBER confusing).

I’m not sure whether there are different entrances, but basically it is on one corner of the mall - the one not containing Home Bakery. Parking is free here, you can park just outside along the road of The Galleria, so it is pretty convenient.

Address: G Floor, Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Operating Hours:

Daily: 8am to 12:30pm (No rest days) Note: Slider Station’s opening hours seem to be 12pm to 11pm on Google, so I’m not too sure, but if you want the breakfast menu try to come earlier!

Special Tips

A few tips that I few I should give would be that if you want to get some nice Instagram shots, you’re much better off sitting in the inner department (basically not the area with the croissants and the pastries). The lighting is just A LOT better there - got a lot more natural lighting coming in.

Secondary tip for coming here is that this is a ridiculously popular Friday/Saturday/Sunday breakfast/brunch spot, so do come a bit earlier if you want those spots to get nicer photos!

Hit me Waffles Cocoa Room Galleria Mall Dubai

Hit me Waffles Cocoa Room Galleria Mall Dubai

What it Costs

As a few of you guys might know, this is a Malaysian-based food blog (predominantly) but these are all relative to my other experiences in Dubai as a whole (my family lives here, so I guess I have some standing at least in order to talk about this).

In general, with Dubai I would say food is on the slightly expensive side and drinks are in the really overpriced side, but relative to the rest of Dubai, I would say that this place is quite value for money if you account everything - taste, ambience, quality of the food and service.

So, went there for breakfast for 3 but I would say we ate slightly less than the normal for 3 people. We basically shared a flatbread (42 dirhams), a “Hit me Waffles” (37 dirhams), a churro flavoured cruffin - which is like a hybrid of a croissant and a muffin (20 dirhams) and a hot chocolate - the “Burnt Marshmallow” variant (37 dirhams) bringing the total to 136 dirhams for 3 people - all the tax included in the menu, etc.

I would say for what you’re getting - considering where this is, this is a fairly reasonable breakfast place to feast on with both your mouth and your eyes!

Flatbread (Sorry I have no idea which one this is XD)

Flatbread (Sorry I have no idea which one this is XD)

How it Tastes

Before this I would just mention that my sister is a REAL big fan of their toasts, I’ll just add her Instagram post here because it really is a work of art! (Almost reminds me of that Despicable Me character when it turns purple!)

But onto what my family had on the day. The two big winners for us were the cruffin and the Hit me Waffles. First I guess I’ll talk a little bit about that cruffin.

As mentioned above, it is a combination of a croissant and a muffin and you can see their selection at the bakery section near the indoor entrance and order it by asking a waiter. This one is legit SO delicious. A tip before eating this would be that the stick sticking out of it isn’t edible but rather the sauce that you need to squeeze out! My family didn’t know this and accidentally bit into this by accident initially before realising the mistake XD. Don’t be us.

But the flavours of that cruffin are so good. Has that nice crunch a normal croissant has and the sugary ness and the way that make it a churro kind of flavour makes it a REALLy cool dish and honestly one that I can’t recommend enough.

The Hit me Waffles is basically waffles with an explosion of eggs, pieces of chicken, lots of different sauces and it basically comes together and makes an explosion of flavours in your mouth. THIS THING IS YUM.

My dad got the flat bread and it was a bit meh for me. I would say that the pastry as a whole was pretty nice, but I feel like it was a bit gamey in the taste (even for someone like me who likes that kind of thing in general) but I mean it was okay as a whole.

The chocolate is really nice, but you can’t help but feel like in the marshmallow version (which maybe I kinda should have foreseen), it is WAY too sweet. Like you’re basically turning it into a marshmallow soup almost eventually, that’s how sweet it is in my opinion. It is okay, but if you’re trying to cut down on the sugars, I highly recommend avoiding this one.

Cocoa Room Dubai

Star Rating

8/10. This is one of those places that I feel like you can’t really go on at. There’s a reason why it is outrageously popular and it is pretty much justified. I honestly feel like this is one of the better breakfast spots in pretty much everywhere!