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I had one dinner to eat at Changi and a REALLY limited budget (I mistook my budget and ultimately had less than SGD30 - and consider I might have had my luggage being over the weight limit, etc.), so I thought a really good option would be Pink Fish Jewel Changi, which I saw quite a bit of on YouTube and some other sites.

Pink Fish Jewel Singapore

Big disclaimer here: I LOVE poke bowls. A few examples that I personally like include The Fish Bowl (1Utama, Mid Valley, etc. ) and a few Johor Bahru options in Poke Twins and Top Catch Fisheries. I am a bigger fan of the customised bowls - where you can choose what you have but that’s not really on offer yet, so I will consider this but this won’t be the end game, because there are numerous options (4) available for you to choose from.

Today I’ll just be talking about the Asian Poke Bowl.

Pink Fish Asian Poke Jewel Singapore

Is it Halal?

They don’t have any non-halal food items on the menu, but they are in the process of getting halal certified at the moment - they mention on their FB page that once they are certified, they will announce it.

HSBC Waterfall Foodcourt

Where it Is

It’s located in the basement of the Jewel Changi Shopping section, and there is this kind of up market style of food court - basically a whole bunch of food outlets like Pink Fish, etc. Basically try to find the centre (the waterfall) and just go around in a circle and you’ll be able to find the Pink Fish outlet.

You pretty much have a beautiful view of the HSBC waterfall when you’re eating, so there’s that too!


Address: 78 Airport Boulevard #B1-261/262 Jewel Changi Airport Singapore 819666

Operating Hours

Daily: 10am to 10pm (No rest days)

Asian Poke Bowl Pink Fish Jewel Sg

What it Costs

I personally had the Asian Raw Bowl, which came up to SGD14.90 (SGD0.97 GST) for their ‘medium’ size - you can choose how much salmon you want - this is 100g worth of salmon, what they call fit for those who are ‘hungry’. There’s the nibbles (50g - SGD10.90) and starving (150g - SGD18.90) option if you want more or less - prices differ depending on which.

Pink Fish Singapore Asian Poke Bowl

How it Tastes

I personally had the Asian Poke Bowl by Pink Fish, so most of my review here is pretty much just talking about my opinions on that.

This restaurant falls in an interesting place - a casual fast high quality food provider - which is pretty darn rare in both Singapore and Malaysia. That Norwegian salmon is EASILY the star of the dish, and is absolutely DELICIOUS. I feel like that salmon is pretty much one of the best that I’ve personally had, and that’s simple as that.

Although for me, as someone who really appreciates home made sauces and a lot of those choices of nuts, etc. I feel like a delicious home made sauce could have really made this a home run, and the rice together in this dish makes it almost a little bland as a whole.

The ginger is pretty nice - one of the rare occasions where I actually eat ginger because I generally don’t like it, but it brings a nice freshness to the dish. You’ve also got some cucumbers and edamame in order to give that bit of crunch to the dish. For some people this dish I would say might be a bit more on the saltier side, if that’s what you’re trying to avoid.

Overall, I almost feel like I want to just eat that salmon non-stop!

Star Rating

6.5/10. For me, I feel like poke bowls should be judged on the quality of the protein, the value for money, the sauce and the other components. This definitely hits a home run in terms of the protein, but I feel it falls a bit flat in other components. Granted, this is part of the concept of being a casual almost fast food-esque grab and go poke bowl, but I feel like I still prefer a few others I’ve personally had.