Food Blog | Gelato from Birds of Paradise Jewel Changi

I feel like if you’re going to Changi and want Instagram worthy desserts, you pretty much just head to either Birds of Paradise or Emack and Bolio’s. The differences are pretty distinct, and I think you can see the differences right from when you seen the respective shops.

Birds of Paradise is pretty much a VERY minimalist type of place which focuses on quite simply the gelato and the cone (or cup if that’s what you prefer). A pretty and minimalistic ice cream, which is the really basic concept of ice cream, and they pull it off REALLY well.

Emack and Bolio’s is probably a more vibrant and ‘poppy’ kind of style. The focus is on how much you can put on there whether it be the sugar cone or the abundant fruit loops that you put onto that ice cream, that is pretty much how you can try to decide between the two.

Interestingly, Birds of Paradise was even awarded the Michelin Plate from Singapore’s very own Michelin Guide, so this is a MUST try for me - even if it is just for the gram.

Source:  BOP Facebook Page  | Honestly just love these types of minimalistic concepts - they actually use the cups from here!

Source: BOP Facebook Page | Honestly just love these types of minimalistic concepts - they actually use the cups from here!

Operating Hours and Location

78 Airport Boulevard #01-214/215/216 Jewel Changi Airport Singapore 819666

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

I happened to be there at 5pm on a weekday and they still had their thyme cone so perhaps it is now fairly easy to get it

Birds of Paradise Jewel Changi.jpeg


So you get pretty interesting flavours from Birds of Paradise. They go for more out of the ordinary flavours, namely the basil, white chrysanthemum and spiced pear flavours on their menu. Like their concept, most of their flavours are in that pastel colour scheme, so you no doubt will have great Instagram shots to come out of this place once all is said and done!

I personally asked for what the ice cream-ista (sorry, I really don’t know what sounds cooler than that - I’m a little lame like that) personally liked (pistachio) and I took a nibble out of the white chrysanthemum and pistachio options, and I went for the pistachio (pictures basically of the pistachio option).

For their cone they went with a thyme cone, which really is a fragrant and delicious cone to munch down on. I believe in their other branch they do make it on the spot, but they have a few ready made at Jewel Changi in order to accommodate for more customers there (gets really crowded) - but I do believe they only make 200 cones on a daily basis.

Birds of Paradise Shop Layout Jewel


So as you guys can pretty much see, I got a thyme cone with a single scoop combination, and this sets be back SGD6.70. The breakdown is the single scoop (SGD4.70), the thyme cone (SGD1.00) and an additional SGD1 for certain flavours like pistachio - prices include the GST so rest assured!

The price for a double scoop would be SGD7.70 (but keep in mind the certain flavours additional SGD1)!


Love the whole concept as a whole. Minimalist, simple and delicious. It honestly is REALLY yum. The cone doesn’t have this overwhelming flavour that overcomes the gelato, it blends really well together to make a really delicious flavour profile.

I personally liked the pistachio option, so I would say that whilst I recommend it, I’m quite sure a lot of their more out of the box flavours will tickle your fancies as well.

It is also right next to the HSBC waterfall that is so renowned in Singapore right now - it is absolutely stunning in my opinion - so you can enjoy a bite slowly looking at the waterfall right after you get that perfect Instagram shot!