Food Blog | Bread Street Kitchen Dubai by Gordon Ramsay

My first time in a restaurant by Gordon Ramsay, and it doesn’t disappoint. Bread Street Kitchen is a lovely spot for a relaxing lunch with quality food at Atlantis Dubai! (and don’t forget to try the beef wellington - Gordon Ramsay’s signature!)

As usual, unedited shots on the blog, edited shots on @bibzeats on IG.

Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Kitchen Dubai

Is it Halal?

As usual, a bit hard to distinguish because of the lack of certification in Dubai, but this one is a bit obvious because there are a pork dishes served here.

Where it Is

Free valet parking offered here if you’d like (AED150 if you’re not a paying customer, but that’s a whole another issue) to eat at Bread Street Kitchen. Just head through the main lobby of Atlantis and find the aquarium area. It is basically in that circle that it is contained in.

I would say this place looks like one of the more casual restaurants by Gordon Ramsay. I don’t really want to say this, but the interior looks really similar to that of Cheesecake Factory, but maybe that’s just me. The kitchen on the hand looks really nice and tip-top.

Address: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, Crescent Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Operating Hours:

Lunch - 12.00pm-3.30 pm Sunday-Thursday (6.00pm Saturday)
Brunch - 12.30pm-4.00pm Friday
Dinner - 6.00pm-10.30pm (11.00pm Thursday & Friday)

Don’t ask me why the operating hours are like that, they just are.

What it Costs

Rigatoni with spicy tomato sauce, taggiasche olives, bitter greens, toasted almonds (AED105)

Rigatoni with spicy tomato sauce, taggiasche olives, bitter greens, toasted almonds (AED105)

I went there as a walk-in customer with my family (party of 4) and our meal came up to AED856 without using the Entertainer app, and AED608 using the app. If you’re on my blog a bit, you’ll probably know I’m a big fan of the app, so here’s the usual ramble about how you can get 10% off.

I use it in Malaysia and my mum uses it in Dubai. You actually pretty much NEED this app for Dubai (I would say you even save money by using it just as a tourist). Especially if you’re in a group of 2/4. If you don’t know what it is, it is basically spending AED495 (the promotion I’m looking at right now is AED195 - depends on when you get it) and getting loads and loads of 1-for-1 deals.

Helps me find places to eat and save money and basically a splendid app that I talk about a lot. (To the point that I feel I should be paid for the endorsement XD - Not paid). But if you WOULD like to support me and get an additional 10% off whatever deal is on at the moment, click on the link right here to get that special discount (and help fund the running of this website!)

So how we used it was basically use two buy 1 free 1 main promotions, saving us AED248 on just this meal, so as usual, do consider getting the app (one use like this pretty much saves you more than the cost of the app).

We basically got 4 mains, a side, one single scoop ice cream from their dessert bar and an additional dessert.

For the sides we got a quick salad (AED45 - I believe, it isn’t actually on the menu online) and they gave an assortment of complimentary bread that was yum - ask for the olive oil and balsamic vinegar, because they do have it.

We got the beef wellington with truffle mash and spiced carrots (AED280), their Craft beer battered fish and chips with minted pea purée, tartare sauce (AED135), Rigatoni with spicy tomato sauce, taggiasche olives, bitter greens, toasted almonds (AED105 portion, there is a smaller version) and a Cornish seafood stew with crab and N’duja toast (AED165) for our mains.

For desserts we got a tiramisu and brownie single scoop ice cream to share (AED35) and a Medjool dates and banana sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream (AED55) to top it off. We also had a water just for us to share (local water) for AED28.

If you’d like to take a look at the full menu of Bread Street Kitchen Dubai, you can click right here!

Beef Wellington with truffle mash and spiced carrots (AED280)

Beef Wellington with truffle mash and spiced carrots (AED280)

What it Tastes

Starting right from the bread, this place makes pretty good bread. They gave us quite a few different types of bread varying in textures and shapes. Overall, just really nice. Goes well with butter, but I mean it’s complimentary bread, so it is just a decent conversation starter - especially given their name as Bread Street Kitchen.

The salad was decent, but I mean it’s a salad. The dressing is decent, the greens are good.

So onto the mains.

Cornish Seafood Stew (AED165)

Cornish Seafood Stew (AED165)

I’ll start with my favourite one, because I honestly didn’t expect it. I personally thought that my favourite (but only just) was the Cornish Seafood Stew with crab and toast. Seasoned really well, and just a lot of seafood that I normally don’t really like - but actually loved. The tomato base and the fishes just go really well together - so this one was actually surprisingly pretty darn delicious.

Number 2 for me was the beef wellington. I mean, you still should try it because it is the signature and has all those truffle infused flavours! The beef with the pastry is absolutely delicious, the truffle mash just so darn addictive, and the carrots…. described to be like candy by my little sister, but I guess that’s another thing altogether.

Don’t forget that marrowbone sauce! Absolutely to die for but definitely on the sweeter side, so if you don’t really like those sweet flavours, maybe just add a little bit to try first.

Fish & Chips (AED135)

Fish & Chips (AED135)

The fish and chips are up next. Can’t really go wrong honestly. Got a nice batter on that fish with deliciously fried chips. For me, that pea puree is a little bit confusing because I personally feel it didn’t really go with either one (the fish or the chips), so there’s that. But that tartare sauce is absolutely delicious. I would say it isn’t pure tartare - in the sense that there is something else added to it, some acidity, but whatever it is, I really want to know what’s in there.

Last for the mains, the rigatoni. Just a nice pasta overall. Got a nice spice to go with that tomato base, so this is just a good, old-fashioned, hearty bowl of delicious pasta.

Tiramisu and Brownie Ice Cream Bread Street Dubai

Desserts-wise, the tiramisu was actually stronger than expected! Usually for ice creams I don’t taste that tiramisu as richly as the one here, so I definitely think this is one of the better ice creams that I have personally tasted.

Banana Sticky Toffee Pudding with Clotted Cream

The other thing great about their other dessert is that they actually made me appreciate how nice dates can be! Medjool dates are really yum in their dessert - which I would say is like dates with banana bread and that clotted cream. Just a note about that clotted cream is that it is interesting in the sense that I haven’t tried anything like it before. Imagine ice cream that doesn’t have to be cold and thicker. I would say I personally feel ice cream would still go nicer with it, but it’s nice to try new things!

Star Rating

8/10. You guys know how hard 8/10s come by on my blog, so this is one of those rare occasions I’m giving a SOLID 8/10 rating. Love the food here, love the experience of being in a Gordon Ramsay kitchen, and everything is pretty much just prepared very well, from the food to the service. Loved the experience!