Food Blog | Han Kee Cake & Cafe Batu Pahat

An iconic ‘bakery’ located in Batu Pahat with a Otak Otak sandwich/burger which you pretty much haven’t seen anywhere else before. I was in Batu Pahat for a university trip and stopped by for some breakfast at the famous bakery.

Is it Halal

A lot of people would be wondering this, and I would say I’m not 100% sure. I do not see any explicit halal sign anywhere, but I can assure you this. It is definitely no pork, no lard kind of place, and the fact that I do see Malay people eating here, so maybe just double check this.

Where it Is

Address: No. 48, Jln Jelawat Taman Banang 83000 Batu Pahat Malaysia, Batu Pahat

It is along a street with a lot of food and little shops. Landmarks along the way would be a KFC opposite and a few rows down (or up, depending on which direction you came from) and almost directly opposite from Alliance Bank.

What it Serves

Otak-otak burger. Simple as that. You don’t really come here for anything else. I feel like you can get anything else from any old kopitiam anywhere. The novelty here is 100% the Otak-otak burger. Basically what you have here is a bun, a meat of your choice and an egg topped with that traditional Chinese sweet chilli sauce.

But if you REALLY want to not listen to my advice and get something else, a few things that friends of mine have tried include a chicken floss bun, but I mean she said it was so-so. Don’t think it was too great.

What it also has is the Mee Siam and Nasi Lemak that everywhere in Batu Pahat seems to serve (those packets tha they bungkus from some supplier), and whilst those are in general pretty tasty for your sleepy mornings, they ARE a little bit more pricier at Han Kee (RM1.80, rather than what I think is the standard RM1.20 everywhere else).

It has a few cakes as well which are fairly cheap, so can always try that a well. I haven’t really gotten round to trying them.

What it Costs

I mean you aren’t dropping a fortune for this breakfast, it is actually considered pretty worthwhile. A otak-otak bun alone (Egg, Bun, otak-otak, sweet chilli) comes at RM4.70, and the rest of your coffees, teas and other things come at your pretty standard Kopitiam price.

For me, it is definitely worth it for (at least) a try. It is fairly cheap and you can get a decent service at a respectable speed.

How it Tastes

It is what you kind of expect. The otak-otak burger to be honest, just tastes like a different version of a spam burger that you can make at home. But of course you eat what you get at Kopitiams, and I would say it is still quite tasty regardless.

They recommend barley here, but I recommend you stay away from that, it is pretty tasteless, so I recommend having their coffee (I went there twice, both times there was pretty bad feedback for the barley, but the coffee was said to be tasty/fine).

This Place is Suitable For ….

Family (A good family breakfast with buns and coffees aplenty sound good to me. But might be a little hot for the little ones)
Friends (A nice specialty breakfast to munch on with friends)
Solo (A quick coffee and bun is perfect for waking you up in the morning. Pretty cheap as well)
Colleagues (Inexpensive, quick and easy breakfast, so I would definitely recommend it for colleagues to try)
Dating (Not really, but I guess you could visit here just for the novelty of an Otak-Otak burger)

Star Rating

6/10. Lots of times when I come to Batu Pahat, a lot of people want to try Han Kee for the Otak-Otak burger. It is great value (definitely more so than the one I’m going to say very soon) and has a decent taste with good coffee, but I would say it’s not something I like to go back and eat so often. As I said before, it is almost just a glorified spam bun that they sell here in Batu Pahat, so with that reasoning, I’m giving it a 6/10.