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Jojo Ice Cream Bukit Indah Waffle with Ice Cream (RM19)

Jojo Ice Cream Bukit Indah Waffle with Ice Cream (RM19)

EDIT 1 (05/05/2019): JoJo IceCream has moved from their Bukit Indah branch to The Yard, Horizon Hills (1, Jalan Hijauan 1, Horizon Hills, 79100 Iskandar Putri, Johor Bahru)

A pretty new dessert place that has opened in Bukit Indah is JoJo Ice Cream. Recently my girlfriend had a craving for some ice cream, so we headed there after dinner to get some dessert.

Where it Is

Address: 9, Jalan Indah 16/12, Taman Bukit Indah, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor
(It is next to another new Japanese restaurant, Tempura & Co., but if you want a more prominent landmark, Moonlight Cake House is also nearby, and you should be able to identify JoJo Ice Cream from there)

What it Serves

As you would expect with a dessert place, you have your usual single, double scoop ice creams, etc. You can see quite easily that they really are going for an Inside Scoop concept. The flavours of the ice creams SCREAM the names of Inside Scoop scoop names (although they have a different assortment) and even the tastes are quite similar.

They serve a wide array of other things as well, with waffles and sandwiches complimenting their ice creams in the menu. Coupled with some other drinks like parfaits, fruit juices and a wide variety of coffees, it has a pretty extensive menu for dessert items.

Jojo Ice Cream Bukit Indah Waffle

What it Costs

I’m not saying it is expensive…. but I’m not saying it is cheap either. Whilst it is slightly cheaper than your average scoop at Inside Scoop, it isn’t Inside Scoop. But what you’re getting is something that indeed tastes like a premium ice cream, which would lead me to say that they priced it just about right. (although I haven’t really seen a soft serve sold at RM 6 too often)

Soft serve ice cream goes for RM6, your normal single scoop goes for RM7, waffles with bananas or strawberry (you can choose) and ice cream at RM19, RM17 for just waffles, nuts and Ice Cream, RM 6 for the parfaits and coffees starting at RM6 and going upwards to RM13.

Judge for yourselves, but if I were to scale it, I would say it is slightly on the more expensive side, but I guess you have to pay a premium for premium Ice cream.

How it Tastes

As you would guess by how I’ve been writing, this Ice Cream tastes GOOD. I’ve been there twice, and I really like the creaminess of the Ice Cream. First time I had the soft serve during their soft launch (at RM 3!) and it was absolutely on point. Really soft texture and a milky finish that I really liked. I believe I had the chocolate soft serve, and that tasted absolutely DELICIOUS!

Second time around I had the waffle with single scoop chocolate ice cream. Whilst I have nice things to say about the Ice Cream, I would say I’ve tasted better waffles around. The waffle is the softer type, and I think the ice cream would go better with a more crunchy, hotter kind of waffle, but I guess maybe everyone has different preferences.

Bubz Pic 1

This Place is Suitable For…

…all ages, really. I came here twice with my girlfriend, but I think it is a place that is suitable for the general public. (Here’s my list)

-Family (Elderly might not really like because of the sugary aspect of Ice Cream itself, but I would say it isn’t that sweet, so I would say I would consider it suitable)
-Friends (A really cozy place for you to hang out and chit-chat with friends)
-Solo (On the fence, but I would say for a treat, you could just grab a single scoop ice cream just to treat yourself, because it is darn delicious)
-Colleagues (Maybe not the best place with colleagues because it is more expensive in nature, but I guess once in a while, it would be a good place)
-Little Kids (Lots of decorations, I wouold say it is almost MOST suitable for little kids)

Star Rating

7/10. A nice place to go. Not mind blowingly bad, but worth a try, and the type that you would go more than once just because of the taste. The price might not be that worth compared to a Llao Llao, or just grabbing a drink from TeaLive, but its definitely worth a try if you eat nearby. As you guys know, I’ve had 2 visits, and I definitely anticipate a 3rd visit to JoJo Ice Cream eventually.