Food Blog | Restaurant Queen Park Gelang Patah

Everyone eats chicken rice, am I right? A really simple dish with many different interpretations, it is something that I personally really enjoy eating, so I decided to try Restaurant Queen Park in Gelang Patah, Johor.

It’s called 皇后坊烧腊面家 or Restaurant Queen Park in English.

Is this Place Halal?

No, Restaurant Queen Park is non-halal, it serves char siew and roasted pork.

皇后坊烧腊面家 or Queen Park Chicken Rice

Where it Is

It is pretty deep in Gelang Patah, but should be quite easy to find, given it is the brightest restaurant in the area. As long as you set your GPS to GP Mall, you should be able to find it pretty easily.

Address: Gelang Patah Sentrel Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia (It’s nearby, I can’t find the exact address)

皇后坊烧腊面家 / Queen Park Restaurant GP

What it Serves

Chicken rice is what they specialise in. They have your usual selection of chicken (steam or roasted), roast pork, char siew and the rarer to find duck in their cookbook. They also have some seafood soup, and if I’m not mistaken a steamboat-esque kind of menu as well, but I didn’t really explore that part of the menu.

They also have some ala-carte vegetable dishes, and (if I remember correctly) some beancurd dishes thrown in the menu as well. What I’ll say is that the chicken rice options would be the best thing to get here, it’s their specialty here at Queen Park.

What it Costs

I think a comparison would be to Kang Bee Heong, who has a similar concept. Price wise, it is more expensive than Kang Bee Heong’s branch in Bukit Indah, but same as the one in Eco Botanic, so take what you will. It is a little bit on the pricier side for chicken rice, I would say, but they make up for it in the quality they give you.

A 3 meat + rice + soup would go for RM12, 2 meat + rice + soup is priced at RM 10 and the drinks are your everyday restaurant kind of pricing. Me and my girlfriend had our dinner for RM 27, and I guess you could say we were sufficiently full at the end of the meal.

How it Tastes

Taste-wise, it is good. The rice is fragrant, like all chicken rice should be (although I’ve had better), the meats in the general are tasty. The duck in particular is absolutely delicious - steamed chicken comes close behind. I had the char siew, roasted pork, steam chicken and duck with my girlfriend, and only the char siew was slightly underwhelming. The rest definitely pass with flying colours.

I rarely say this as well, but the soup they give you together with your meal is the real stuff. THE REAL STUFF. Too often you just get that very watery combination of soup with spring onions with chicken rice, but there is a real effort to put out a good meal here, which I appreciate.

Gelang Patah Chicken Rice

This Place is Suitable For …

-Family (A tasty budget option for those families out there)
-Friends (The price is appropriate, definitely suitable for going with friends)
-Solo (One of the places I would say it is not really for. On the pricier side for chicken rice, and I just can’t imagine too many wanting to come here alone)
-Colleagues (Can be appropriate for a quick meal with colleagues)
-Little kids (Comfortable surroundings, good and easy food for kids to eat, definitely would recommend for little kids)
-Dating (Not really for date night, but maybe for just a simple meal)

Star Rating

6.5/10. I’ve seen better value for chicken rice, but I’ve definitely tasted some really rubbish ones. This is not one of those rubbish ones. Taste is good, I really appreciated the service here (although I was the only one who was there with my girlfriend) Overall, taste at that price is why I’m giving it 6.5. The location isn’t ideal, but it is defintiely good for a quick and simple meal.