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EDIT: Famous Dart Mount Austin has closed down and has been replaced by a Kopitiam.

Although really famous for their curry mee or curry laksa, I was feeling a more healthier option today so I had some Vietnamese Vermicelli when I headed to Famous Dart Austin Heights, Mount Austin for lunch today, here’s a few bits from my experience today.

Is this Place Halal?

No, Famous Dart Austin Heights is a non-halal restaurant.

Where it is

Mount Austin is a place that is pretty much a concrete jungle, with low rise buildings aplenty. The best way for me to describe how you can drive there would be passing a McDonald’s along the way, turning right after Bar Wang (A mixed rice restaurant), and finding it at the corner lot. It is on the same row as Wafu Kitchen.

飞标 or Famous Dart Austin Heights, 2, Jalan Austin Heights 3/2 Johor Bahru

Famous Dart Restaurant, Mount Austin

Famous Dart Restaurant, Mount Austin

What it Serves

An assortment of different noodles. From Nyonya Laksa, to Vietnamese dried Vermicelli, to a classic noodle soup with crispy fish fillet, it is a very inclusive noodle shop whereby you can even choose what type of noodles you would like, if you do decide to go with either the laksa or noodle soup options (you have your classic kwey teow, yellow noodles, etc.).

What I’ll say is that their signature to come here to eat would definitely be the Nyonya Laksa (which in a way is kind of in between a laksa and a curry mee).

What it Costs

You can choose a small/big bowl to suit your needs. They tell you before hand that the difference would be in the amount of meat, rather than in the amount of noodles. Most ‘small’ meals would be RM8.80 to RM12.80 (for their signatures, they have slightly cheaper non-signature options, although I don’t really think they’re too worth trying).

Here’s just a few (Left is for small, right is for big):

Nyonya Laksa RM8.80 | 11.80
Laksa W. Crispy Fish RM9.80 | 13.80
Fish Noodle Soup RM8.80 | 12.80
Vietnamese Dries Vermicelli with Crispy Pork RM9.80

Drinks I would say would be slightly more expensive than your usual hawker stall, but I guess you could say it is cheaper for your average restaurant like this (a la Face to Face/Mian dui mian).

Famous Dart Restaurant Mount Austin

How it Tastes

As I said before, I went with a slightly healthier option today, and I must say, it tasted unexpectedly good. Quite frankly, not the BIGGEST fan of Vietnamese cuisine because sometimes I think it is almost TOO herby for me. (think minty, grassy feel) But this was a good mix of tasting healthy and that herb-infused taste for me.

The portions are decent. They are particularly generous with the meat, and the crispy pork that came with my dish was absolutely on point, and went well together with the noodles.

The curry mee/laksa was said to be pretty good from a friend of mine, so I guess maybe for you guys wanting a review of that, you can take his word for it and try it out.

This Place is Suitable For…

-Family (Maybe not the best kind of place, but I mean soup noodles is kind of an ‘everyone meal’)
-Friends (A good, clean environment to talk and chit-chat with an ok-ish price to boot)
-Solo (Maybe not the best place for people going alone, but I guess you can still do it)
-Colleagues (As I said, I think most people would be okay with the choices here, so I would say this is a GOOD option)
-Little Kids (Maybe they won’t particularly like the blander taste of their non-spicy dishes)
-Dating (I wouldn’t really call it a good dating spot, but a good place to try with your boy/girlfriend for sure)

Star Rating

7/10. Been pretty harsh in some of my reviews, but I’m sticking with the similar area. The price is right for a good bowl of noodles here, and I think that it is definitely the type of place that I might come a few times just because of the convenience of having a cheap, fast noodle place.

Definitely a few noodles I want to go back for!