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Both in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur and in Uptown Damansara, Miru is one of my favourite dessert cafes in Kuala Lumpur. Its selection of desserts ranges from your more basic toast with ice cream to kakigori, Miru makes high quality desserts at an okay-ish price.

Miru Dessert Cafe Mille Crepe

Is it Halal?

Yes, Miru Dessert Cafe is a halal dessert cafe for all to enjoy!

Where it Is

Two locations, first would be what I think is their original branch. The Uptown Damansara Branch is almost directly opposite from Texas Chicken Uptown Damansara. To be fair, that’s my best description of that branch. But basically it is along a row of shops.

The Pavilion one is pretty central. Just go to the top floor of Pavilion, and go to the central area, where you can see the main exhibition area. You should be able to find it using that. If you need it to be a bit clearer, just walk by exiting from Tokyo Street, walking straight outwards. Then, you should find it halfway along the length of the floor.

I will just leave the main details for the Uptown Damansara Branch, because I think the Pavilion branch is harder to identify.


Address: Miru Dessert Cafe, 62, Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours:

12pm to 11pm (In general, Friday and Saturday they supposedly open up to 12 midnight) - Uptown

11am to 10pm daily

Miru Dessert Cafe Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream with Toast

What it Costs

In the picture, RM18 for the toast, and around 23-25 for a Kakigori. The Matcha lava cake actually sells for RM23, and the toast we got was actually kind of a holiday Thai special (the ice cream is some Thai iced tea flavour, which surprisingly does actually taste like Thai Iced Tea.

What I’ll say is that I’ll admit that the price is a little bit steep. However, I think it more than makes up for it in its flavour, as well as its size. It actually is a pretty big portion if you actually see it in person, which I guess makes up its worth (?) But I guess that is for you guys to decide for yourselves.

Water in the Uptown Damansara branch is free, but you have to pay for it at the Pavilion branch.

Miru Dessert Cafe Desserts

How it Tastes

Personally speaking, I love it! As I mentioned, it is one of my favourite dessert places. I actually went there this time with my family, and had a toast combination, as well as mille crepe (for the first time) and the matcha lava cake. I personally recommend both the matcha lava cake and the toast with ice cream. Not a big fan of the thai iced tea ice cream WITH the toast, but I like it separately, which is almost a weird thing to say.

But ultimately, stick with those 2 and you will not be disappointed, I can give it my personally SEAL OF APPROVAL!

Suitable for …

All ages! This is a really good place for anyone who likes desserts. Maybe not the best place for someone a bit tighter on the budget side, but otherwise, I recommend it for pretty much all occasions. It is even suitable for those date nights, to finish of the meal. This place was actually recommended to me by my girlfriend, so thank her instead for the recommendation!

Star Rating

8.5/10. Personally, a little bit steep in price, but I absolutely love it! The taste of the desserts always keeps me coming back for more. To be honest, I’m always shocked by how good that Matcha lava cake is, and the toast NEVER disappoints!