Food Blog | Kuching Taste Sarawak Kolo Mee Gelang Patah

Definitely in the argument for most popular eating spots in Gelang Patah, Kuching Taste Restaurant makes quick, cheap meals that you will surely enjoy. From kolo mee to sarawak laksa, it offers all your favourite Sarawakian noodles!

Kuching Taste Sarawak Kolo Mee Gelang Patah

Is it Halal?

No, unfortunately Kuching Taste Sarawak Kolo Mee serves pork with its dishes, and is NOT HALAL.

Where it Is

What I’ll say is that you’ll see it when you put it in the GPS. There aren’t really any landmarks for me to describe, per se, because there aren’t any BIG banks or shops nearby.

Address: Kuching Taste Restaurant, 29, Jalan Nusaria 3, Taman Nusantara, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor


Opening Hours:

5.30am to 3.30am daily (Tuesday closed)

What it Costs

I apologise, because I can’t quite remember the exact price, but I think the one that is without the prawn is a medium size Sarawak Kolo Mee (black sauce) and that was around RM7+ with a drink. The other one was what I believe to be around RM9+ with the drink. I’ll go back to check when I’m back there soon, but what I’ll tell you is that the food is pretty darn cheap here!

Ultimately you can choose the size, type (white/black/red sauce or the special, which comes with prawns and uses the white sauce) and what you want here, so do be sure to take advantage of that!

Kuching Taste Special Kolo Mee

How it Tastes

It tastes like the best in Johor! Really homely kind of feel to their Sarawak Kolo Mee, regardless of what colour sauce (I come here quite regularly). This is a popular haunt to the Educity folks, as well as your morning breakfast kakis, and with good reason!

Personally, I’m not too big on seafood, so I actually just prefer the Sarawak Kolo Mee with the minced meat - I’m quite a simple person, I’d like to think - but I’m sure that some of you guys will like the more seafood taste associated with their special order.

Their Sarawak Laksa is also pretty darn good (a lot of people I know like having it there)!

Suitable For…

A cheap and satisfying meal! Students, working crowd and the people who just want to get our for a nice breakfast will love this place. Maybe not the best place for dates or small children (depending on what they like, because the choices aren’t too many). But it does get pretty crowded, so SOMETIMES you have to wait a while, as the service is a bit messy.

Empty bowls are the best visual for how good a meal with :)

Empty bowls are the best visual for how good a meal with :)

Star Rating

7/10. For what its priced, this is a really nice restaurant. Sometimes I feel a bit let down by the service, but I guess you can’t help it sometimes when you’re that busy. Really nice Kolo Mee, really nice Sarawak Laksa, so I do recommend a quick stop here!