Food Blog | Mei by Fat Spoon, Sri Hartamas

The restaurant, branchild of the restaurant-eur/author sisters, Mei is a cozy restaurant in the bustling Sri Hartamas area serving up food to a hip young crowd. Its seats are nearly always fully taken up, and is thriving in the Mont Kiara area.

Mei by Fat Spoon Mont Kiara

It is a Japanese fusion restaurant, serving up food ranging from onigiri and sashimi, to spaghetti and rice bowls.

Is it Halal?

I can’t quite find any information pertaining to whether this place is halal anywhere, whether it be their Facebook blog, or other food blogs, but what I will say, is that based on the fact that their sister cafe, Oma Spoon is halal, and that their dishes don’t serve pork, I would say MOST LIKELY, this place serves halal food, but don’t quote me on that.

Mei Sri Hartamas Pumpkin Fritters

Where it Is

It has a corner lot, and my advice would be to either find any of these 3 landmarks.

1. Pelita. Pelita then you turn right, and you go down the narrow alley. Once you reach the row of shops parallel to the Pelita row, you should be able to see Mei.
2. Jojo’s Kitchen Ban Mee, where you go straight down the road following, and you should see it at a corner lot.
3. Nam Heong. Turn left when walking from Nam Heong, and walk down, crossing a road. You should be able to see it then.

Address: Mei by Fat Spoon, 22-G, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours:

11am to 10pm daily (Mondays closed)

Note: This place is quite popular for delivery and takeaway. You can either order food via their website:

Alternatively, you can order by HonestBee.

Mei Duck Spaghetti

What it Costs

Okay, so for EVERYTHING in the pictures, it costs RM135. We ordered a bit extra (as usual, when with family), so this was for 4 people. Comes up to around RM30~ per person, but I reckon the normal pricing would be somewhere at around RM20 per person.

The prices are all on their website above, but I think in general their mains (rice bowls) come at around RM20-25, give or take. (A bit pricey if you ask me though) I think in general, maybe I can get more value elsewhere, but only because the price is a little bit steep for what I am getting, in my personal opinion. The portions aren’t small, per se, but they are on the smaller side of the scale.

Mei Chicken Poppers

How it Tastes

My family loves the food here. The pumpkin fritters are THE BOMB. Really love them, and we always order when we go back. Chawan mushi is actually pretty surprisingly good. The pappadam had quite an overpowering taste compared to the guacamole, so I guess take what you like out of that comment depending on whether you’re more of a guac fan or a pappadam fan.

I personally had the spaghetti with the duck, and I quite enjoyed it. The sauce isn’t the creamy type that is thicker, it instead is those more soup-ey kind of sauce, so it is a little bit different from the norm. I normally have the moo moo rice bowl, and it is FANTASTIC.

Suitable For…

People who like hipster cafes, mostly. The food is healthy and of good quality too, so come for that too. The aesthetics of the restaurant are pretty nice, but in general, this place is really popular amongst high school students, as well as the young working crowd, but is definitely suitable for EVERYONE.

Mei by Fat Spoon Rice with Soup

Complete Your Meal With….

Ice Cream Bar Mont Kiara! Cross to the road opposite (Nam Heong side), and just keep walking in that direction until you see Ice Cream Bar. It is a nice dessert place for you to get your ice cream fix. With pistacchio, and even some ice cream mixed with some cereal options, they serve really nice ice cream.

Star Rating

7.5/10. My family, myself included, are big fans of this place. A really comfortable eatery suitable for pretty much anyone! Lots of nice sides and plenty of mains to choose from, so I think 7.5 is how I would rate this place.