Food Blog | Bloom by Mok Mok Mount Austin

Perhaps every instagram user who goes to Johor has a picture at this almost iconic restaurant. The ambience alone is almost enough for many to make the trip here, with flowers hanging off the ceiling and the lights dim down low.

Bloom by Mok Mok Mount Austin

Bloom by Mok Mok is a hipster cafe serving up fusion food to Johorians and Instagram tourists alike, with rice bowls, burgers and a plethora of desserts on their menu.

I apologise for the flower overdose, but that is pretty much how this place is.

I apologise for the flower overdose, but that is pretty much how this place is.

Is it Halal?

Bloom by Mok Mok is not halal certified, but they claim to have no pork, no lard, so depending on how strongly you feel about the need for a halal certificate, eat at your own discretion.

Where it Is

I don’t really have a particular landmark for you to look out for, but it is essentially on a row of shops, the same row as Chatto but many shop lots down. What I’ll say is that you should just follow the GPS and you should be fine. You’ll see a big B sign outside that you need to look out for, but it should be fairly easy to find.

Address: Bloom by Mok Mok, 87, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor


Opening Hours:

12pm to 11.30pm daily (last order at 10.30pm)

Note: It is pretty hard to get a seat here, just getting your name on that waiting list first. This is a pretty hard place to get into (especially considering the fact that this is in Johor and you barely have to wait to get into ANY other restaurant). You CAN’T call in to reserve here due to the lack of seating.

Duck Rice Bowl from bloom by Mok Mok

Duck Rice Bowl from bloom by Mok Mok

What it Costs

So, I went there with my family of 5, and the bill came up to RM183. The breakdown of what we had is essentially 5 mains (one technically is pretty much a dessert, but she ate that as a main) and a hand crafted drink from Bloom. So what I’ll say is that an average per head price comes up to RM36, at least for my family.

We had 2 Unagi Rice Bowls, one Smoked Duck Rice Bowl (what I had, and is pictured in a few photos), a salmon soup ramen and a variation of toast (which came with bananas, mango, strawberries and ice cream). Note: Each Rice bowl comes with a small salad bowl as well!

The unagi rice bowl was the most expensive of the lot, at RM31, and I believe the smoked duck rice bowl was something like RM27.

While I would say the bowl isn’t that big, I would say it definitely fills your stomach up sufficiently.

Salmon Soup Ramen Bloom by Mok Mok

How it Tastes

Really healthy. It really does taste like a bowl of nutritious goodness on a bowl with quality ingredients. The duck was both crispy and tasty, and that rice really had other things added to it such that you can almost eat it on its own!

Unagi Bowl Bloom by Mok Mok

The toast was a little bit on the unhealthy side for me, so I didn’t have too much of that, but the unagi is quite similar in taste and make to the smoked duck one.

bloom by Mok Mok Mount Austin

Suitable for…

When you’re not in a rush. This place gets full very easily and is quite hard to find a seat at sometimes. I have had other trips here to have their dessert, and their desserts alone are worth stopping at Bloom by Mok Mok for. Suitable for the young crowd, mostly, if you’re looking for nice Instagram shots.

Obligatory clean bowl means good meal post

Obligatory clean bowl means good meal post

Star Rating

8/10. To be fair, this place even knocked the socks off my dad, which is quite rare for my dad. You pretty much come here for the ambience and the photos, but their food compliments the surroundings quite well. The price you pay is well worth, and there is more than enough on their menu to fill your stomach. Well worth a visit!