Food Blog | McDonald's Prosperity Burger Review

Food Blog | McDonald's Prosperity Burger Review
McDonald's Prosperity Burger

For every Chinese New Year, McDonald’s rolls out their Prosperity Burgers in Malaysia (I assume in a few other countries as well). They have it with either the beef or the chicken, and is quite a bit different from everything else on the menu.

McDonald's Beef Prosperity Burger
McDonald's Chicken Prosperity Burger

I was pretty hungry for dinner yesterday night, so I decided to get a couple of burgers for dinner. I got 2 prosperity burgers (1 beef, 1 chicken) and a fillet o’ fish (don’t judge), and tried them out. I have previously had the prosperity burger, and quite liked it in the past. NOTE: This was a drive-through, eat-at-home experience.

Can’t remember last year’s, but I think there was a box for last year’s. Kinda makes it look like a breakfast wrap xD

Can’t remember last year’s, but I think there was a box for last year’s. Kinda makes it look like a breakfast wrap xD


Personally speaking, I think that whilst it has that really distinctive black pepper sauce, I feel like the standard has fallen quite a bit from the previous one. I mean, I still like it, it still tastes similar, but they seem to have changed something about either the sauce or the meat that I just can’t quite put my finger around.

Overall, I would say the beef is the winner here. The beef just works way better with that black pepper sauce and mushroom combination! The chicken is very meh, so I would give a pass on that chicken prosperity burger, if you ask me.

Prosperity Burger McDonald's App


Both of the prosperity burgers comes in at RM11.80 (add on 6% for the service tax, and it is around RM12). I’m not quite sure why I’m seeing prices of RM16 being thrown about online, but my receipt is in this blog post, so maybe just double check with whatever McDonald’s you’re eating at.

Online, the price written is RM15.05, and for the double prosperity burger, it is from RM20.71 (Source: McDelivery website).

There is also a special deal if you’re either ordering to eat at McDonald’s or for delivery, and it is RM17.95 for a prosperity burger, 1 medium twister fries, 1 medium prosperity McFizz (some orange juice that is fizzy or something like that) and a lychee sundae for RM17.95. Not sure how long this promotion will last, but at time of writing (New Year’s Eve 2018), it is CORRECT.

I think it is pretty value for money at RM11.80. Whether I would eat it again? Maybe, but probably not. I prefer my usual selection of McDonald’s burger. But if you want to try one, you should definitely go for the BEEF!

No judgements please XD

No judgements please XD


NOT ENDORSED BY MCDONALD’S to write the post (quite obviously). Ordered from McDonald’s Bukit Indah (Johor), and everything I’ve written is correct (or reflects my personal opinion) as of December 31st 2018.