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Eco Botanic (or Eko Botani) is a place fast blooming with lots of different food. One of the more affordable ones would be Kang Bee Hong Chicken Rice Restaurant.

If you’re looking for something to eat in Eco Botanic on a budget, this is the place to go. :)

Kang Bee Hong Eco Botanic

Is it Halal

No, this is a non-halal restaurant. It serves pork (char siew and siu yok) in its premises. I am not sure about their chicken, whether it is from a halal source, but do eat at your own discretion.

Where it Is

When you head to Eko Botani, you’ll see a giant building in the center (Eco Nest), and it is basically on one of the sides of eco nest. No real landmarks I can give you, because there aren’t any banks or big landmarks yet, but just go one circle, you’ll definitely be able to find it. It is next to a putt putt center.

This is a branch chain from the one in Bukit Indah and Sutera, among other locations.

Address: 慷美峰, Kang Bee Hong, Jalan Eko Botani 3/2, 79100 Gelang Patah, Johor


Operating Hours:

Everyday: 8.30 to 10pm

Chicken Rice Eco Botanic

What it Costs

It tastes like something you wouldn’t mind eating pretty regularly because it remains as one of the cheaper options in the area (unless you want to venture into Gelang Patah). Basically for chicken rice (or similar), it works like this.

There are choices of roast duck, roasted pork, spiced corned egg, hainanese chicken and char siew. You can basically make what you want. If you want rice and 2 of them, the price is RM8.90, if you want 3 (what I got), it is RM1.90.

They have other options in their menu as well, like their King Curry Mee (RM16.90), mixed roast curry noodle (9.90 for 2 meats, 11.90 for 3) and mee hun kueh (RM8.90).

PRO TIP: If you havee a student ID, you can even get a 10% discount! (At time of writing, promotion might be over when you read this)

Eco Botanic Kang Bee Hong

How it Tastes

As I mentioned, it tastes like something students can pretty much eat every other day if they’re too lazy to cook. This is a popular spot for students from Educity, with many students from Newcastle University (NUMed) in particular staying in Eco Nest, so it is a REALLY popular spot for students.

The rice, meat, etc. taste decent enough, and it does at least not taste THAT commercialised (it retains some of that fragrance that chicken rice should have).

Star Rating

6/10. I mean, it’s not something I would recommend, as it is not really a local thing, nor is it THAT tasty. However, I do recommend it if you work or stay nearby. Although it is expensive for chicken rice, it is cheaper relative to everything else just because it is chicken rice. In addition, it is a pretty clean place that prepares food well, so I think 6 is adequate.