Food Blog | Cafe de Poulet Mid Valley Southkey JB

A really cool restaurant that I’m sharing today - Mid Valley Southkey’s French restaurant Cafe de Poulet! This is honestly a really homely restaurant that I’m a really big fan of, so I’m pretty excited to share this restaurant with you guys!

Poulet Mid Valley Southkey French Restaurant

Context: Passed by this restaurant when me and my girlfriend were looking for dinner. Not sure whether this one has a direct connection with Poulet from Singapore, though.

Is it Halal?

I don’t know about the official status because I don’t see it written anywhere, but I took a look on the reviews on their Facebook page (I’m not 100% sure it is official, but I believe it is) and there are a few Malay patrons eating here. Do not take this as advice about Halal certification, do eat at your own discretion.

French Onion Soup

Where it Is?

It is located on the third floor (just basically go all the way up to the area with all the food upstairs) of Mid Valley SouthKey (Johor Bahru) and located on the side with Nam Heong and SYST (Chinese Dessert Shop). Quite unmissable because it is a pretty big and bright outlet. (North Court)


Address: The Midvalley Mall Southkey, 3rd floor T-041

Operation Hours:

Daily: 10am to 10pm

What it Costs?

Me and my girlfriend shared a soup - a French Onion soup (RM11.90), a Chunky Chicken Pot Pie (RM23.80) and a Slow-Cooked Beef Short Rib (RM34.90). There’s also a service tax of 6%, bringing the dinner total to RM75.95 (or around RM38 per person).

And I know what you’ll say already. That this is a pretty expensive meal. I won’t deny this fact either, because it is definitely a bit on the pricey side. But, I said this with a caveat that I really thoroughly enjoyed my meal here, so do wait for what I thought about the food.

What I will mention is that they are famous for rotisserie chicken - we didn’t order that because we thought it would be a bit too big for us to have.

Chicken Pot Piet Poulet

How it Tastes

Starting off with the French Onion soup. A really savoury soup (which I like) which I would describe to be really similar in taste to a traditional Western style Oxtail soup. Kind of in that area where you know it’s a soup but kinda has the elements of a sauce - which makes it interesting. You also have a lot of soft onions in there - but doesn’t have that usual almost disgusting taste of onions - it’s all nicely caramelised and melts in your mouth.

Next up, the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie. This one can just be summarised in the following line: lovely filling inside a really delicious piece of pastry. Inside you have a lot of different elements - the chicken, carrots and the mashed potatoes (sorry if it’s not actually mashed potatoes and instead a cheese of some sort, but that’s the texture that I tasted).

Slow Cooked Beef Short Rib

Then, the other main we had was the slow cooked beef short rib. This one is a really homely kind of dish, which is interesting because you can definitely tell that it is French - but is similar to a few other Chinese style dishes. But this is something that really reminds you of home - of the love that you put into cooking. Maybe I’m going too far there, but you get the general idea. XD

Star Rating

8.5/10. A really nice place to eat. A mix of being a really nice dating spot - French food and all - and being a really nice place to go with your family! A really nice place to eat.