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Offering a fusion of Chinese, Western and Nyonya food, Daddy Village is a restaurant with an extensive menu and dishes that leave you wanting more! It offers excellent food at a manageable price point.

Daddy Village Restaurant Batu Pahat

Is it Halal?

Daddy Village is a HALAL restaurant, so it is a very suitable place for Muslims to get their fix of Chinese and Western food.

Daddy Village Batu Pahat Otak Otak

Where it Is

It is on a row of shops opposite the row than Han Kee (Otak Bun Shop). Two other landmarks you want to look out for would be Alliance Bank (in the corner of the street) and Amore Bakery House. Basically, go along the street of Alliance Bank, find the Bakery House, and Daddy Village is just shortly further up.

Address: Daddy Village Restaurant, 18 & 20, Jalan Kundang 3, Taman Bukit Pasir, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor


Operating Hours:

8.30am - 10pm daily (Monday rest day)

Daddy Village Batu Pahat

What it Costs

I came here as a group of 4 this time around, and I would say in general, we probably average out to being ‘average eaters’ (meaning not too much, not too little). We ordered a total of 4 dishes this time around, there being 2 meat dishes and 2 vegetable kind of dishes.

We got a hot plate otak-otak - can’t quite find this anywhere else on the net, but I think this was something that is recommended here by word of mouth - and a salted egg yolk squid (ham dan sotong) for our meats. I would say the portions for each of their dishes (in general, not just the meats) are a bit on the smaller side, but for the meats it is more reasonable).

We also got a kangkung belacan (the picture shows the medium sized portion of kangkung belacan - I highly recommend if you’re coming here in a group of more than 2, just order the large portion) and a vegetable soup (not pictured, but was just something small to finish the meal).

The total came up to RM84 for everything, although I would say we initially ordered our food without the soup. With the soup, it totals up to exactly RM21 per person, whilst without I would say we ate for less than RM20 per person. For calling dishes, I think it is - although slightly on the more expensive side - quite a reasonable place to come price-wise.

Daddy Village Batu Pahat

How it Tastes

This place has really strong flavours (in a VERY good way) and delicious dishes, I would say. The hot plate otak-otak is pretty much as advertised, it goes very well with white rice, and is a delicious dish all around for everyone to share. One of the rarer occasions where I try a variation like this, in all honesty. But definitely a nice dish.

The salted egg yolk sotong is something that actually HAS a lot of salted egg yolk flavour - contrary to my personal experience at another Batu Pahat restaurant in Yong Steamboat (review coming up very shortly). So I thought that was a pretty nice dish as well.

The vegetables are both - whilst nice in taste - just a little bit small on the portions. That would be my only complaint about the dishes that we personally ordered here.

Daddy Village Batu Pahat Restaurant

Suitable For…

Large groups wanting to try different things. Quite rare to have a jiao cai (a place where you can call dishes) place be halal, so this is one of those rare oppourtunities to eat as a whole group if you have a mix of cultures! Really nice food as well!

Star Rating

7.5/10. Really good food, at a decent price point, so I think it deserves one of the higher ratings on this blog. I personally like stronger tasting food, and I would say here has those stronger tastes infused in their food. Kinda have a soft spot for Nyonya style cooking as well, so this gets a 7.5.