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Famous for their “Biggest Pizza in Malaysia” at 21 inches, Sunny Pizzaria is a great place for celebrations, date nights, and even just a quick bite! Serving up delicious pizzas and pastas, this is a place that I highly recommend!

Sunny Pizzaria Nusa Bestari

Where it Is?

It is located in Nusa Bestari (where Giant used to be) and on the same row as Alliance Bank. Basically it is on a row of shops (1st row if you walk from Giant towards the Family Mart or Habib direction), so you can just park anywhere nearby. Parking is quite hard to get in the area - but just keep in mind if you’re coming here for lunch, this is a place where the police may quite frequently saman (you need the Iskandar parking coupon - you can buy from the mamaks nearby if need be).

Address: No 21-G, Jalan Bestari 6/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, 79150 Nusajaya, Johor


Operating Hours:

Daily: 11.30am to 11pm

Sunny Pizzaria Garlic Bread

Is it Halal?

I am VERY sure that this is a non-halal restaurant, quite simply by virtue of this being a place that sells alcohol, BUT I believe that this place is one that sells halal food. I took a look on their Facebook page, and they actually have many Malay patrons, so I would say pretty confidently that this is a place that you can likely get halal food - but you might just want to double check with the staff here.

Sunny Pizzaria Aglio Olio

What it Costs

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of Fave Pay for eating out (use my referral code I19YC and you can get RM5 off your first purchase on the app), and this place is no different. I actually discovered this place because it was on Fave Pay.

I used a Fave Deal (RM12 for either a 6 inch pizza, aglio olio or fish & chips) which I feel is very worth it - choosing the aglio olio that you will see in this post - and used FavePay (5% cashback for my next visit here) to pay for another 12 inch (or was it 10) pizza. So total of my meal with my girlfriend here came up to RM41.60, which I would say is really reasonable for what you’re getting!

They even threw in a complimentary garlic bread which we both appreciated before munching down on our mains, so big ups to them for the free service!

Sunny Pizzaria Four Seasons Pizza Nusa Bestari

How it Tastes

Actually, surprisingly really good. Me and my girlfriend were actually a tad skeptical before we headed in, quite simply because it was completely empty for a Saturday night dinner, but it actually serves up some pretty nice food. The garlic bread was nice to start, and the aglio olio had a really good mix of flavours as well.

On the more spicier side of aglio olios, but for RM12, that aglio olio packs a lot of flavour and some nice vegetables to soften that spice a little.

What I would say is that this place is a bit heavier on the pepper - if you mind this, then maybe you can just put a word in to the chef. The staff here are really nice to talk to, so they would be more than ready to accommodate to requests you may have. (pepper for both the aglio olio and the pizza)

For the pizza, it definitely delivers as well. Their style is a thin crusted pizza - we got the four seasons flavour - and it is really tasty. A really good ratio with the meats, cheese and the peppers (capsicums, etc.), making for a really delicious pizza!

Suitable For…

But at the end of the day, I still think that since their signature dish is that 21 inch gigantic pizza, the best time to come here would definitely if you’re looking for a challenge, or on birthdays - where you can all share that humungous pizza!

Credits to Sunny Pizzaria FB Page

Credits to Sunny Pizzaria FB Page

Star Rating

7/10. Yummy food at a decent price point. Pretty much has a lot of what you want from a pleasant dining experience - nice service, tasty food, so it is a solid 7 for me!

Bubz Rates (my girlfriend): 7/10. Quite rare that we agree on the ratings, but this was a pretty enjoyable meal for both of us.