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Students of EduCity, rejoice, because today I’ll be talking about what is arguably the best budget eating spot for students, Lym Tea! (near Eco Nest) It is a half restaurant, half clothes store serving up Chinese food.

Lym Tea Eco Botanic

Is it Halal?

I am 90% sure that this place at the very least doesn’t serve pork or lard. I am personally not sure about whether they have a halal certificate, but I THINK that they serve halal food here!

Lym Tea Eco Botanic

Where it Is?

This is one of those places that is quite hard to find. What I’ll say is just go into the middle of EcoNest apartments. Just park in the area around it, and DON’T enter through any doors. Just go to any way that leads you towards the middle of the apartments - there is a long walkway in the middle with a few shops, including a shop to do your laundry and an ice cream shop in Creamery Eco Botanic. (which I might add is a great dessert spot to end your meal!)

But basically, walk along the row and you will be able to find it! Parking is free, and you can just park anywhere in the area - lots of parking available.


Address: G12, EcoNest Residence, Jalan Eko Botani 3/5, Taman Eko Botani 79100 Iskandar Puteri, Johor

Operating Hours:

Daily: 12pm to 10pm

Lym Tea Roselle Tea

What it Costs

The real catch about eating here is definitely the price. You’re talking about most menu items (mains) being priced at RM6.90, which is just a steal for ANYTHING in the area. The two things me and my girlfriend had would be the cai-ma braised chicken rice (RM6.90) and a popcorn chicken rice (RM6.90).

We also tried one of their drinks - the Roselle Iced Tea (L) - for RM5.90, bringing the total for our meal to RM19.70 (so roughly RM10 per person). At these prices, this meal is SO worth it. Portions are okay-ish, but I feel if you are talking about proportions, it is heavier on the carbohydrates side.

Lym Tea Popcorn Chicken Rice

How it Tastes

I personally had more of the popcorn chicken rice (although my girlfriend initially ordered this), and I will admit, this tastes almost identical to the popcorn chicken rice from Chat In. If you’re interested in reading about that, you can head right here! But I personally think that the one from Chat In is ever so slightly better in the taste and the overall cohesiveness of the dish (with the egg and the bright salad - this one is aesthetically a bit less pleasing).

I also had a few bites of the braised chicken rice, and it is pretty nice. FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO HATE RICE WHICH IS A LITTLE BIT SOUPY (there is quite a bit of soup at the bottom of the bowl), this is not for you. But overall, the taste is nice. The whole dish is pretty nice for a lou rou fan dish. Only slight complaint would be that there isn’t vegetables, but I’m not going to really going to complain about that - the value is already SO GOOD at RM6.90.

The Roselle Iced Tea (I assume it means it is supposed to be made from some kind of flower) tastes similar to that of a hybrid of Iced Lemon Tea and an Iced Peach tea - and I mean that in a nice way. It isn’t too sweet like a lot of drinks nowadays, and as I’ve said overall about this place, is a steal at this price! (Large as well)

Lym Tea Braised Chicken Rice

Suitable For…

All you students on a budget! This is perhaps the CHEAPEST option there is in the area - unless you really want to head to Gelang Patah. The menu isn’t THAT extensive, but it is enough for you to survive. XD

Star Rating

6.5/10. It isn’t exactly the type of place you want to drive really far to eat, but that isn’t exactly what they are aiming for. This place is a place you can eat pretty regularly quite simply because it is CHEAP! (especially given the area) A fantastic place where students can eat - serves up food really fast too!

Bubz (My girlfriend) Rating: 6/10. An okay-ish restaurant :)