Food Blog | Top Catch Fisheries 頂魚屋 Mount Austin

If you’re finding a nice location to get your Poke Bowl fix, you need not look further than Top Catch Fisheries (otherwise known as 頂魚屋). Although my understanding is that more people come here for their supply of frozen fish, they have some delicious choices on their menu, that will really satisfy your raw fish cravings!

Top Catch Fisheries Mount Austin

Is it Halal?

This one I’m not 100% sure about, but what I can CONFIRM to you would be that there is no pork or lard on the menu. Just a number of seafood based dishes accompanied with rice, along with a few side dishes. The menu is below!

Top Catch Fisheries Tuna Poke Bowl

Where it Is?

It is on the same row as a number of famous restaurants in the area, namely Chatto (but not that near) and Bloom by Mok Mok (which is literally right next door to Top Catch Fisheries). If you can’t set you GPS to Top Catch Fisheries, I recommend just setting it to Bloom! Parking is free, although sometimes it is a bit harder to find parking along this row during the night time.

Address: 83, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor


Operating Hours:

Daily: 12pm to 9pm (probably I would say a bit more like 12.10 or 12.05 because we went there a bit early and wondered whether they were actually going to open or not (due to it being a public holiday in Johor on the day we went)

What it Costs

I went there with my girlfriend and we had a poke bowl each! (nothing else added on except for ocha) I had the Hawaiian Poke Line Caught Yellowfin Tuna Bowl (RM19) - with a wasabi mayo sauce - and my girlfriend had a Haiwaiian Poke Fjord Trout Salmon Bowl (RM18) - with a spicy mayo sauce.

This is a place that charges for both the iced and hot ocha (RM1), so please do take note of that if you’re not too big of a fan of this. But once you get the cup, you get unlimited refills of ocha, so at least there’s that!

The total of our meal therefore came up to RM39 - no added costs on top of the menu prices. Their basic menu for food items for consumption at the restaurant itself is shown below.

Top Catch Fisheries Menu 1
Top Catch Fisheries Mount Austin Menu

How it Tastes

Two REALLY big stars of the show with the poke bowls you’ll have, and they are: A) the raw fishes and B) The sauce. There’s the option to go for the cooked fishes, but we both went for the raw versions, and boy are the fishes good. Sometimes when raw fish is stored a little longer, it loses its softness and taste, but you’ll have no such complaints here.

The fish tastes really fresh and delicious! But the sauce also makes the dish taste REALLY nice! Both the wasabi mayo and spicy mayo really pack a punch (not in a spicy way, but rather in a flavourful way) and make it a really delicious poke bowl.

You can’t custom make a bowl like in many other places, and I would say they don’t have much customisability - like add-ons, carbohydrate (quinoa, etc.) - but they’re good at the few bowls they have, and they really flaunt it!

Poke Bowl Salmon Top Catch Fisheries Mt Austin

Suitable For…

A nice weekend lunch! A bit more upmarket, but really healthy option for you to enjoy on the weekends would be how I would see this mainly catered for.

Top Catch Fisheries Tuna Poke Bowl

Star Rating

7.5/10. A really nice poke bowl at a price that is pretty normal for any poke bowl out there in Malaysia. What it lacks it customisation, it makes up with really fresh fish and a mean dressing sauce. A really nice option for a date where you want something a bit different.

GF Rating: 8.5/10 (Just for a bonus)