Food Blog | Teumsae Korean Restaurant @ Citrine Hub, Sunway Iskandar

The list of restaurants at Citrine Hub is growing really rapidly, and I will be introducing to you guys the Korean option at Citrine Hub, Teumsae Korean Restaurant!

Teumsae Korean Restaurant Citrine Hub

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of Korean food, so I’m really pleased that there’s this new option that I can consider that’s so near where I live!

Korean Restaurant Citrine Hub Sunway

Is it Halal?

No, unfortunately this is a non-halal restaurant. It serves pork dumplings and a few kimchi jjigae dishes which contain pork.

Teumsae Korean Restaurant Sunway Iskandar

Where it Is?

As mentioned above, Teumsae is located in Citrine Hub, Sunway Iskandar. It is next to Sunway International School. When you get there, you can either choose the underground parking (good for rainy days), or the outdoor parking. Both are free (at present time of writing).

Once you get there, Teumsae is on the first floor (I consider Jaya Grocer the Ground floor). If you’re not too sure where it is, you can either use Mr DIY as a landmark and go towards the walkway on the right, or go via Morganfield, and walk along the ‘balcony’ area until you see Teumsae.

Address: Lot 1-15 Citrine Hub, Persiaran Medini 3, Bandar Medini, Iskandar 79250


Operating Hours:

10am to 9pm daily (I believe it is closed from 2.30pm to 4.30pm, but I’m not 100% sure)

Teumsae Korean Side Dishes

What it Costs

I headed there with my girlfriend on a day where we were both considerably hungry. So we got 3 things. A main dish each, as well as a Kimbap dish which we shared. I ordered a kimchi jjigae with pork, and my girlfriend ordered a traditional Bibimbap!

The total for our meal came up to be RM63, with the breakdown for the meal being: Signature Kimbap (RM15), Hot Stone Bibimbap (RM24) and a Kimchi Stew (RM24). The prices in the menu are all you pay - no additional taxes from my receipt. You will also get 3 side dishes - 1) kimchi 2) potatoes 3) pickles.

The menu is here below.

Teumsae Korean Menu 1
Teumsae Korean Menu 2

How it Tastes

This tastes like a REALLY authentic Korean meal! Starting with the side dishes, the kimchi has a really strong taste (which was what I enjoyed), whilst my girlfriend personally really liked the potatoes. So overall, their side dishes are a nice start to the meal.

Teumsae Kimbap

The kimbap might be a bit expensive for what it actually contains, but it does taste pretty nice. It is almost addictive enough to the point where you want to keep eating some more.

Teumsae Kimchi Jjigae

The kimchi jjigae with rice is really nice. One of those that aren’t thick (I say this because of my experience with Daebap Korean Restaurant), but really pack a lot of flavour with each spoonful. Maybe not that much meat, but it is a really hearty dish in terms of the vegetables and onions inside the stew.

Teumsae Bibimbap

The bibimbap is kinda what you expect. Tastes like a good old bowl of bibimbap! The chilli is really rich (that they give you on the side for you to control how much you want in it), and the overall ingredients taste really fresh!

Suitable for….

A very homely dinner with a group of 2-4. Really nice dishes for everyone to take bits and pieces of, and quite personally, despite what I’ve said about the prices (most Korean restaurants are pricey regardless), it is still one of the better deals you will find with regard to Korean food.

Teumsae Signature Kimbap

Star Rating

7.5/10. Really nice food, really homely taste and just a very good mix of flavours all over. Quite easily among my favourite Korean restaurants in Johor Bahru! I will definitely be back for more.