Food Blog | Flowers in the Window Johor Bahru

Another one of those REALLY popular eats among Instagram food bloggers, Flowers in the Window excels in providing you a very unique cafe dining experience, as well as providing exceptional healthy food straight into your tummies!

Flowers in the Window Ambience

Is it Halal?

Yes, this is a halal restaurant that everyone can enjoy and indulge in!

Flowers in the Window Entrance

Where it Is?

It is in the area with lots of popular Johor Bahru food. It is pretty much on the same row as the famous Hiap Joo (famous for the banana bread), almost right next to The Replacement Lodge (another popular hipster cafe famous among food bloggers) and near the fish head curry which is almost legendary among Singaporeans (Kam Long Curry Fish Head).

Address: 9, Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


Operating Hours:

Daily: 10am to 8pm (Tuesday rest day)

Note: A kind of cheat code about eating at Flowers in the Window would be to come in around 6.30/7pm. They’ll have some leftover cakes from the day, and they sometimes give the remainder for free. Can come here at this time to try out their cakes!

Flowers in the Window Salmon with Couscous

What it Costs

Definitely depends on what you’re getting, but I’ll just be talking about most of their lunch choices. Lunch here will come in at around RM20-30. I would say it is definitely on the pricier side of things, but they definitely compensate with regards to the quality of ingredients in your dishes.

That being said, I used the Entertainer App when I ate here. Entertainer basically works like this: pay around RM100 for a year’s worth. You can then get 3 buy 1 free 1 deals at numerous restaurants all around Malaysia! So you can definitely save if you go to enough of the eligible restaurants with friends. I’m not paid to advertise this app, but I’ve definitely saved a whole lot of money using this app.

If you’d like to try it, click this link! It will offer a small saving, and give you some points to use in the app!

The pan fried salmon with couscous and salad was RM26 (I’m 80% sure, but it might have been RM24, but ultimately it is one or another), and I would say that it is a bit on the more expensive side, but they do provide a lot on that plate! The chicken schnitzel, I believe comes in at RM24.

A few notable dishes that I’ve heard other people recommend include their sausage and mushroom dish (which is packed with mushrooms - one of the dishes in the picture including 3 dishes), the Japanese fusion main, anything including avocado on their menu and the Americano (high praise from a few people I’ve eaten with! - I’m not too big on coffee).

Flowers in the Window Meal

How it Tastes

As someone with more traditionally Malaysian taste buds, the pan fried salmon dish is probably not really my favourite dish. Whilst I can’t deny the taste and quality of the dish, this dish is REALLY big on the vegetables (80% probably is pure vegetables) and a really small bit is the salmon and the couscous. The couscous is meh, but the salmon is pretty darn delicious (pretty much only complaining slightly about the size of the fish).

I personally would recommend the chicken schnitzel! The chicken is really yum, and the sauce works really well with pretty much everything in the dish. The coleslaw is one of my favourite coleslaws, and the whole dish basically just works really well together.

Flowers in the Window Chicken Schnitzel

Suitable For…

Coming for a quick early lunch! An excellent brunch place with fantastic breakfast, brunch and lunch choices. Not the cheapest place in the world to come to, but this place has some QUALITY food!

Star Rating

8/10. It provides a very different experience from a similar type of restaurant in Bloom by Mok Mok, but whilst I give Bloom higher points in terms of ambience, I would give the remainder to Flowers in the Window for their food, because I think it is just that little bit better than Bloom. A really nice place to come for a nice meal (and Gram!).