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Update: (14/09/19) Big thanks to Nicky (Commenter) for updating me. Homies has sadly closed down and has been replaced by La Pasta - an Italian chain. If I get the chance, I’ll take a look at how La Pasta is!

A really new restaurant in Bukit Indah would be 随意 or Homies Taiwanese Restaurant! It opened late in 2018, and has now become a popular restaurant serving up (relatively) cheap and healthy options for lunch and dinner.

Homies Restaurant Bukit Indah

Is it Halal?

No, this is a non-halal restaurant. Most of the food here actually has pork of one kind of another, so I would highly recommend NOT coming here even if you’re looking at the non-pork options.

Homies Taiwanese Restaurant 滷肉饭

Where it Is

It is located inside (or beside?) a ‘mini-mall’ in those big buildings which house electronic shops. Basically, the building is EKS Mall or beside a Petronas nearby. A few landmarks that would help would be Moonlight Cakehouse and Jojo’s Ice Cream. Just go in the direction of Jojo’s Ice Cream from Moonlight Cakehouse. Just before the Petronas, you will see the mall and Homies Taiwanese Restaurant!


Address: Lot 142589, Jalan Indah 16/12, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru. Johor Bahru

Operating Hours:

Daily: 11:30am to 11pm (Except Saturdays - 11am to 11pm)

Homies Taiwanese Restaurant Noodles

What it Costs

I had a braised pork rice (or lu rou fan/滷肉饭) and my girlfriend had some form of Taiwanese thin noodles. We didn’t really have any drinks, but there is bubble tea on the menu! My girlfriend said that it was pretty nice from a previous experience, so might be worth a try (RM6.90, if I’m not mistaken).

I used FavePay to pay for this dinner, so I can get 5% cashback on my next visit - and the total came up to be RM28.40. The braised pork rice came in at RM12.90 - but I got the option with a sunny sideup. The one without a sunny sideup would be RM10.90. My girlfriend’s noodles came in at RM13.90 (RM15.90 for the thick noodles). Plus the tax, it comes up to RM28.40. (I have an extra picture of the thick noodles because they brought it to us by accident and I took advantage haha!)

The general menu is here, sorry I didn’t take the one with pictures, but here’s just a rough idea of all the prices you’ll see at Homies!

Homies Taiwanese Restaurant Menu

How it Tastes

I almost wish there was more meat inside my rice. I will admit this is a tasty bowl of braised pork rice, but the amount of meat is a little on the more stingy side. I feel like I’ve had a few other lu rou fan with more meat in hawker centers, but I will make do. They have 2 eggs in this dish if you add the one with sunny side up - the sunny side up and the tea egg. The tea egg is meh - so the star is definitely the pork.

For the noodles, it is definitely on the spicy side (she got the chilli noodle option). Another dish that is high on the carbs and not that heavy on the meat, so I would definitely say that if you are really sensitive about this kind of things, this might not be the best place for you, but it definitely is pretty nice.

Homies Taiwanese Restaurant 滷肉饭

Suitable For…

A cheap-ish lunch. I think braised pork rice for RM10.90 is fairly worth it. Might not fill your tummy completely, but definitely just about suitable for a casual work lunch or a quick dinner. Both alone and in perhaps smaller groups, this is a nice place for a casual lunch or dinner.

You can always complete your meal with a nice dessert from Jojo’s Ice Cream or Moonlight Cakehouse, which are walkable from here!

Homies Taiwanese Restaurant Thick Noodles

Star Rating

7/10. Tasty, and relatively cheap, so it gets a 7 from me. Menu isn’t THAT extensive, but I guess most Taiwanese restaurants are like this. I would definitely recommend for you guys to try at least once, even if you are just craving a tasty braised pork rice.