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So, today I have yet another restaurant review from Citrine Hub, and this time it is Pizz@ (or Pizza, or Pizz, I’m personally not too sure how to write it out)! With a wide menu and delicious food, this is a fantastic option for all you people looking for a nice meal with friends!

Pizz Citrine Hub

CONTEXT: Went there with my girlfriend to celebrate her birthday, and we both definitely think it was a pleasant experience.

Pizza Citrine Hub

Is it Halal?

They serve alcohol in their premises - A LOT of people come here for drinks - but I took a look at the menu, and there is no pork on the menu. They use turkey ham and they use chicken sausages, although I’m not sure whether it is prepared in a halal manner.

Broccoli Tempura Pizz Citrine Hub

Where it Is

It is located in Citrine Hub, a new ‘mall’ with lots of little things - you have Jaya Grocer, Sushi House, Morganfield’s and even a lovely restaurant in Teumsae. For now you have free parking all over - you can park outdoor, but I personally recommend parking in the basement - covered, just in case it is raining (free as of April 2019). You then go up to the floor above Jaya Grocer, and just find where Morganfield’s is.

It is right beside Morganfield’s!

Address: Lot 1-02 First Floor Citrune Hub; Sunway Citrine Sunway Iskandar, Bandar Medini Iskandar, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor

Chicken Alfredo Pasta Pizz Citrine Hub

What it Costs

So, me and my girlfriend decided to share an appetiser and 2 main dishes. We had a broccoli tempura (RM12), a chicken alfredo (RM25) and a wasabi salmon pizza (RM32). Water is free here, but they do have service charge of 10%, meaning our meal came out to be RM75.90.

I think one think to note would be that this isn’t what I would particularly describe as a cheap option, but I would say it is definitely worth your money’s worth. The pizza is 10 inches worth of salmon, wasabi, and those bonito flakes that just seem to come alive when they arrive at your table.

Portions are okay-ish I guess, but what I would say is that I’ve definitely have cheaper alfredos (normally I would say alfredo is considered the really cheap pasta). BUT also keep in mind that I’ve seen a lot worse too, so kind of a mid range kind of place.

If you would like to take a look at the menu, I’ll link it right HERE, and just click on the right arrow button to explore their menu.

Wasabi Salmon Pizza

How it Tastes

A really pleasant place to come for dinner! I’ll just go on and describe the dinner in order. We start with the broccoli tempura. Actually a really nice tasting batter on the tempura, but the one that really hits the spot is that garlic and mayo kind of combination for the sauce! What I would say is that you don’t really get the flavour when you have that tempura, but you can REALLY appreciate how good it is when you taste it on its own. But that tempura really holds up just on its own too!

Then we have the alfredo chicken pasta. A really classic tasting alfredo with peas inside which really just works together really well. For me personally, it is kind of a good balance between how creamy it is and how jelat we would normally describe these cream sauces usually turn out to be.

But the star for me was definitely that wasabi salmon pizza. It almost even surprised me how cohesive the whole dish is as a whole. You have the wonderful mix of flavours when you get that saltiness from the salmon and the savoury taste you get from the bonito flakes. But that’s not all, you then come to the end, where you get that REALLY subtle wasabi finish near the crust area that is just WOW. Honestly speaking, one of my FAVOURITE pizzas I’ve had for a LONG, LONG time. (and I even had a pizza review up from a few days ago)

Citrine Hub Italian Food

Suitable For…

A really nice date night spot! The staff are very nice and friendly, and (maybe not the best judge of service, but this is how I personally like to judge) are really responsive to when I finish water! XD But honestly speaking, me and my girlfriend had a really pleasant meal here.

Star Rating

8/10. A really solid 8/10. I was quite conflicted about giving even an 8.5 out of 10, and you guys know I’ve only really given a score as high as that to one other restaurant (and not even in JB). Really nice food, with a pleasant environment. Will definitely be back here eventually!

Bubz Rates (My girlfriend): 8/10. A pleasant meal!